Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy

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Next Start 25 Sep 2023
Duration One year
Language English
Format Full-Time
Avg. working
3 years
Where Milano

The Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy (MIHMEP) is a one-year full-time program in English, aimed at those who want to take on challenging global roles in the healthcare sector, whether it’s the private industry, government and international organizations, or health service providers. We offer you a rigorous and specialized approach together with a global vision to broaden the horizons of healthcare management across all actors operating in the sector.

Who is it for?

MIHMEP is the right Master for you if:

  • Your objective is an international career in the healthcare sector in private or public institutions, organizations and industry.
  • You want to make the difference and substantially contribute to developing and shaping healthcare, thus improving patients’ access to the most irreplaceable good and inalienable right: Health.
  • You are looking for the original truly international master in healthcare management, economics and policy.
  • You want to be informed about the cutting-edge thinking and skills on healthcare management and policy.
  • You want to train in Italy, whose healthcare system has consistently been in the top 3 positions in the world since 2000, according to the World Healthcare Organization (WHO) and others.



My MIHMEP in 60 seconds - Francesco Bracotti

MY MIHMEP in 60 seconds - Marika Russo



Why choose us?

1. Be the game changer in the Healthcare sector

MIHMEP trains people in making a difference in several areas – industrial and public sectors, international organizations, private foundations and non-governmental organizations involved in global health and development issues, academia, and health organizations – and can substantially contribute to developing and shaping healthcare, thus improving patients’ access to healthcare.

2. The most complete training

MIHMEP combines management studies and practice with health economics, health policy, and public health, thus being the most comprehensive post-graduate program in healthcare.

3. A specialized approach together with a global vision

MIHMEP is the only Master that mixes the private (business) and public views of healthcare by offering both general overviews and in-depth specializations in different sectors: Global Health & Development; Healthcare Management; Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology.

4. A Challenging Program to Build a Solid Career

The program consists of 3 terms that provide core courses and specialization courses, plus a fourth term, during which you will participate in an internship within a healthcare organization, public institution, or private company in Italy or abroad.

5. Meet the Experts

Experts from healthcare organizations, industry, regulatory authorities, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and consulting companies share their professional experience with MIHMEP students and give them a flavor of what their future work will be. This is also a great opportunity for students to strengthen their network.

6. A top Faculty with solid research and teaching backgrounds

The Faculty is engaged in both research – carried out by the Center for Research on Health and Social Care Management at Università Bocconi – and management training – through the executive and customized programs designed and performed by SDA Bocconi School of Management for healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and many other organizations. Twelve worldwide experts – in the areas of healthcare management, economics, policy, governance, and global health – make up the Scientific Board, which provides the MIHMEP with scientific guidelines and contributions to its scientific curricula.

7. Milano, the hub of Italy’s Healthcare system

Italy is an extraordinary laboratory of health policy and management. The Italian Healthcare system has been ranked 2nd by the World Healthcare Organization in its famous 2000 worldwide appraisal of health systems, and the 4th most efficient by Bloomberg 2018. Italy has the longest tradition of public health, the oldest medical schools in the world and is at the forefront in many fields such as the approach to mental health, the first unmanned robotic surgery (in 2006) and many cutting-edge and pivotal new medical technologies.


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Inside My MIHMEP SDA Bocconi programs offer a unique and personalized learning experience. Enter the world of MIHMEP to discover its unique contents.

“MIHMEP is a 360 degree experience that prepares participants to become effective leaders, managers, policy-makers, economists, and change agents. We cover the healthcare sector and organisations of high-income countries, the global health context of low/middle income countries, and the pharmaceutical, medical device, and all other types of industries related to health and wellbeing. MIHMEP is something unique.”


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Viviana Mangiaterra
MIHMEP Director

What they say about MIHMEP

As a chemist, science takes an important place in my life and it is my greatest interest. Having worked in pharmaceutical industries as a laboratory analyst, I decided to take a great change in my career. So, I stopped my hands-on experience and I dedicated time and effort to new career goals. My purpose was to use the time I spent in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries as a stepping stone toward my dream job. To boost my perspective and to reach my objectives, I chose to attend the international School of Management offered by SDA Bocconi, whose courses best prepare and guide for a critical evaluation on brand development process and marketing strategies, that nowadays are of primary importance worldwide, in the job market. MIHMEP is an excellent opportunity for a comparative study, and to exchange ideas and experiences. I strongly believe that developing positive relationships is another fundamental benefit of the learning experience that I received through the MIHMEP program




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James Romeo - Italian/Maltese
Pharmaceutical Management and Technology (PMT)

Completing the MIHMEP program has been a transformative experience and has propelled my career in the pharmaceutical industry to new heights. Through its comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experiences, the program provided me with the necessary knowledge, skills, and network to excel in market access, and has allowed me to successfully navigate complex access strategies in my post-graduation career. 


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Alexa Vidalis - American


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Personalized Orientation

MIHMEP is a challenge to be taken on with a strong dedication. The director and his team will be happy to arrange an individual orientation meeting at school to answer your questions and give you personalized advice. We can also do this remotely by phone or Skype.


SDA Bocconi organizes events and meetings throughout the year, both online and offline, where you can interact with directors, faculty, alumni, and staff.



Contact us for more information, to arrange a meeting, request to visit the school, or attend a class.


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Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy
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