Core Courses and Specializations

Second Term

Financial Accounting and Finance for Healthcare Organisations

Fundamentals of financial accounting

  • Nature and purpose of financial accounting
  • Basic principles (entity, double entry, money-measurement, going-concern)
  • Contents of a balance sheet (assets, liabilities, and equity) and operating statements (revenues, expenses and income)
  • Fundamentals of financial accounting

Finance and financial planning for healthcare organizations

  • Funding investments in healthcare: role of public-private partnership
  • Assessing healthcare investments


Economic Evaluation of Healthcare Programs

Introduction to economic evaluation of health programmes and technologies, its potentials and constraints and how to critically appraise the validity of published studies

  • Priority setting and rationing in healthcare
  • Introduction to Health Technology Assessment
  • Cost-of-illness studies
  • Cost-effectiveness, Cost-utility, Cost-benefit analyses
  • Budget Impact Analysis
  • Economic evaluation and decision-making


Viviana Mangiaterra

Global Health & Development Coordinator

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Lucia Ferrara

Healthcare Management Coordinator

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Patrizio Armeni

Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology Coordinator

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