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Who is a Typical MIHMEP Student?

MIHMEP students generally have a university education and a wide range of cultural and professional backgrounds, they appreciate cultural diversity and are able to cope with change, and are highly motivated and ready to face a challenging training path.


Students and Alumni are the best testimonials of how MIHMEP helps leverage participants' attitudes and knowledge. Thanks to their experience and professional positions, they complement the guidance and information given by the Director and the Recruiting Team.

"Studying MIHMEP in Milano was one of the best experiences of my life.
I learned to see the world with different perspectives, by also looking through the lens of my fellow students who came from all over the globe.
For me, MIHMEP not only equipped me with advanced academic knowledge, it also paved the way for me with networks and communication for further developing my career."


Seng Bu - Myanmar

Ambassadors and Senators

Ambassadors (and Senators) are international students (Alumni) that volunteer to act as advisors helping prospects finalize their decision. We encourage you to connect with our student Ambassadors (Alumni Senators) who will be happy to provide useful advice and answer your questions

"I am a former scientist and I spent my last four years at the Institute Curie, in Paris. There, I performed a PhD in biomedical science and drug development, within the frame of multidisciplinary European project.
Despite my early academic successes, I soon realized that my scientific achievements alone would have been insufficient to secure what I was aiming for, a managerial position in the pharmaceutical business. Precisely, I am convinced that key profiles within the pharmaceutical firms must have a strong scientific background as well as a managerial and business acumen.
On this basis, I decided to attend MIHMEP. The completion of MIHMEP represents an essential step for my next career path, laying the groundwork for a successful future managerial profile within the pharmaceutical and health sector."

Marco Lucchino - Italian

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Life in Milano

Studying and living in Milan means the best mix of culture, leisure, people, and places. Milan will be your campus – a city in the heart of European and Italian business, finance and industry, with a great potential for contacts and careers. The city of fashion and design, a symbol of the Italian style.

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The new Campus

SDA Bocconi’s campus buildings are in the center of Milano. In addition to being the business and financial capital of Italy, Milano is also ideally located in the heart of Europe.

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General Information, Orientation Meeting, Skype Chat

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SDA Bocconi organizes events and meetings throughout the year, both online and offline, where you can interact with directors, faculty, alumni, and staff.