I started MIHMEP full of dreams. Today, thanks to MIHMEP, the unique professional journey I am now living is beyond even those dreams.

Francesco Bracotti - Italian
Country Commercial Manager Covid Assets & Specialty Care Pipeline, GlaxoSmithKline Italia
Studying MIHMEP in Milano was one of the best experiences of my life.
I learned to see the world with different perspectives, by also looking through the lens of my fellow students who came from all over the globe.
For me, MIHMEP not only equipped me with advanced academic knowledge, it also paved the way for me with networks and communication for further developing my career.
Seng Bu - Myanmar

MIHMEP is not for everyone, it is for those who want to challenge their careers and acquire an international and business perspective of healthcare. As a medical doctor specialized in healthcare quality improvement, I had been for working many years in my country within private and public hospitals, but I was still looking for a new perspective for my personal and professional development. I did some research among different business schools and programs in Europe, and I found MIHMEP. Although all through my previous studies I also heard and learned from great lecturers, studying at SDA BOCCONI was a multicultural experience and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from my classmates, who are now good friends. It was challenging leaving all what I built back in Mexico, but I don’t regret the decision.

Arturo Martinez Zuniga - Mexican

I first became familiar with the MIHMEP program years ago.  I was instantly drawn to the international nature of the program and the Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology specialization due to my clinical research background.  I started my career as a study coordinator at a comprehensive cancer center and transitioned into the Clinical Research Associate role for Contract Research Organizations (CROs), pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies.  I eventually decided to start my own clinical research consulting company, but I knew that  something was missing.  Despite having a very specific and highly sought after skill set, I felt that I needed to evolve and acquire new skills to remain successful in the dynamic pharmaceutical industry.  MIHMEP has provided me with the missing link.  I am now equipped with the tools and knowledge required to successfully navigate the complex challenges that face professionals in the health care sector.

Jovita Brantley - American

I am a medical doctor from the Netherlands. After obtaining my MD degree from Radboud University Nijmegen, I gained clinical work and research experience at the University of California Davis Medical Center. There, I trained in the wards and operating rooms of the Department of Otolaryngology. My experiences working in hospitals in the Netherlands, Portugal and the United States gave me valuable insight into differences between various health care systems and their particular challenges. I chose MIHMEP to expand my abilities as a health care professional with managerial and organizational competences.

‘MIHMEP is the way to expand your knowledge in Healthcare in an international environment’.

Elvira Buijs - Dutch

My passion for healthcare began during my experience managing the daily operations of a private practice serving a largely non-English speaking and dual-eligible patient population. The complexities involved in coordinating care for these vulnerable patients, along with the challenges facing physicians and patients with the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act sparked my interest in healthcare delivery. This curiosity motivated me to further my career by enrolling in MIHMEP at the SDA Bocconi School of Management; which has been one of the most fulfilling decisions of both my personal and professional life. The structure of MIHMEP allowed me to gain complete insight into all sectors of the healthcare industry, broadening my horizons, while providing me with the opportunity to specialize in one particular field during the third term; I chose Healthcare Management.

My section’s international student body, representing over 15 different countries, led to thought-provoking debates and discussions around devising creative solutions to current healthcare challenges at both a local and global level. Working with my colleagues, each with their own diverse perspectives and experience, on case-based projects helped me to further develop the soft skills I needed to excel as a leader in the healthcare industry and successfully manage multidisciplinary teams.

MIHMEP also provided the opportunity to attend seminars given by industry leaders from top hospitals, think tanks, and global health organizations worldwide. These experiences made me aware of the vast number of current healthcare challenges and ways I could make an impact. These opportunities paired with an effective blend of core courses, case-based learning, and quantitative reasoning makes MIHMEP unique to other Healthcare Masters programs.

I am now based in Boston, Massachusetts working in Ambulatory Operations at Tufts Medical Center, with a focus in process improvement and project management.

Natalia Wojdak - American/Polish
Operations Coordinator in Ambulatory Services, Tufts Medical Center

Adding the MIHMEP degree to my graduate school plan is the best decision I could ever take for myself, allowing me to build on prior experience and pursue my passion for healthcare innovation, acquiring broader perspectives and developing distinctive in-depth expertise to respond to the challenging issues facing the industry.

MIHMEP is such an amazing and enriching experience. It is a truly international program which is reflected in our multicultural class. MIHMEP is so diverse and unique that it is a pleasure to come to class everyday, knowing that everything we learn today will help us to make a difference in the future.

I have learned so much about interesting issues in healthcare, not just sitting in lectures and reading, but also interacting and working in groups with my colleagues. With each new assignment, I was able to positively apply what I was learning in class everyday. Having the chance to hear what speakers and professors think about issues from their practical experiences and discuss these issues and share experiences with other MIHMEP students is an incredible opportunity.

It is a very challenging and demanding master but completely worth the effort.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to take the next step in his/her career and become a leader in healthcare.

Isabella Sormani - Italian/Swiss

MIHMEP was truly a great experience from a professional and personal standpoint. It provided me with a solid foundation in market access for medicines and other health technologies. I would highly recommend MIHMEP to young professionals interested in strengthening their professional status and to new graduates who want to enhance their industry knowledge and start a brilliant career.

Christian Vanoni - Italian
Associate Consultant, Market Access Consulting, Evidera

As a young graduate who was determined to develop in the healthcare sector, MIHMEP class offered me a multi-culture, dynamic and professional environment with the most up-front knowledge in the healthcare sector, thus granted me the chance to learn and grow in the international healthcare environment. MIHMEP no doubt has broadened my sight and opened up my life possibilities. During MIHMEP, I had the chance to acquire work experience in Europe, as well as for an NGO in Africa. Now I’m working as a consultant in an international consulting firm for healthcare sector. MIHMEP makes dream happen.

Yixuan Jing - Chinese
Consultant (Healthcare) at Navigant Jing’an District, Shanghai, China

"A willingness to advance my theoretical knowledge of management in the healthcare sector is the reason I applied for MIHMEP. After acquiring my diploma in pharmaceutical science and running my family business for two years, I decided I had to take the next step in my career. MIHMEP was the best choice for me since it represents the most comprehensive, well structured masters program in healthcare management and the only one offering students the chance to select among three specializations; Global Health & Development, Health Care Management and Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology".

Athanasios Broumas - Greek

"I came to MIHMEP expecting to gain knowledge and skills to bring together my two desires - healthcare and management. MIHMEP was my first and only choice when I decided that after my DMD degree I wanted to pursue an MSc. The program has a great reputation, and not by chance or luck. The greatest asset I have received so far in MIHMEP, apart from amazing colleagues and great teachers, is a completely changed mind-set. And that is something that, for me, has a great value".

Ana Stevanovic - Serbian

"With a background in psychology and work experience in a variety of fields, I chose MIHMEP because I wanted to launch into the field of mental health. I hope the Global Health Development specialization will equip me to face the unique challenges of healthcare management in developing countries. I want to make a tangible difference with the work I do and my learning here will empower me to actively participate in sustainable and equitable healthcare program development".

Christine Stalie - American

"I chose MIHMEP because of its people. The heterogeneity of my classmates, the exposure to leading faculty, and the access to Bocconi’s extensive alumni community all contribute to the strength of the first program in health management in Europe".

Davide Santi - Italian