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Leadership Viewpoint

Elizabeth Harrison

CEO and Founder, VitalHealth

Leadership Viewpoint - An Interview with Elizabeth Harrison, CEO and Founder, VitalHealth
Leadership Viewpoint - An Interview with Elizabeth Harrison, CEO and Founder, VitalHealth
A Challenging Program to Build a Solid Career

The program consists of three terms that provide core courses and specialization courses, plus a fourth term, during which you will participate in an internship within a healthcare organization, public institution, or private company in Italy or abroad.


XXI Edition 2019-2020


Get to know your school, your class, and your future through a series of interactive workshops on team building, cultural diversity, group dynamics, and public speaking.

Sept 2019


The first two terms of the MIHMEP are designed to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to successfully act in the field of health care management, economy, and policy.

Oct 2019

Mar 2020


In the 3rd term you have 3 alternatives for your specialization. After choosing one, you then have to choose elective courses from the other 2 MIHMEP specializations. The 3 options are: Global Health & Development, Health Care Management, or Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology.

Apr 2020

Jun 2020


The 4th term is dedicated to internships. They are performed in pharmaceutical/medical device companies, national and regional health authorities, hospitals, health insurance organizations, NGOs, supranational organizations, research centers, and consulting companies, in Italy or abroad – all representing potential employment destinations opportunities.

From Jun 2020

An Engaging Learning Model

Teaching involves a mixture of lectures and practical sessions together with group projects and seminars with an emphasis on discussion and problem solving. These diverse methods give you opportunities for active and critical participation, and strengthen teamwork and interpersonal skills.

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Develop the 5 Fundamental Skills For Your Professional Growth

Designed by SDA Bocconi’s Career Services in collaboration with the Program Director and the school’s Center for Assessment & Development, the MIHMEP Career Curriculum is a learning path that helps you develop the 5 basic skills needed for your professional growth. It includes a variety of mandatory activities, at individual and class levels, scheduled during the academic year.

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