Masters in Healthcare Management, Full Time Master | SDA Bocconi

Fourth term

Internship Day

Near the end of the first term, you will participate in the MIHMEP Internship Day, a program in which we invite a good number of potential hosting institutions ranging from international organizations to pharmaceutical and medical device companies, NGOs, etc. The purpose of this day is to allow our internship host organizations to showcase their businesses and internship opportunities to MIHMEP students, and to give you the opportunity to present yourself to the host organizations.



The projects are carried out over a period of 12 weeks and require full-time commitment. During the internship, two tutors supervise students: one from the host organization and the other from the MIHMEP faculty.



All the hosting institutions represent potential employment opportunities for you. At the end of the program, you will receive advice on job placement and options available, in Italy and abroad.


To see the list of past and present Internship Providers for the MIHMEP click here.



At the end of the project, students prepare a report describing and discussing the results of their projects.