Welcome to MIHMEP. More than a Master’s degree, more than an MBA specialized in healthcare.

MIHMEP is a 360-degree experience that prepares participants to become effective leaders, managers, policy-makers, economists, and change agents. We cover the healthcare sector and organisations of all countries, international organisations and the pharmaceutical, medical device, and all other types of industries related to health and wellbeing. MIHMEP is something unique.

We have a faculty of 50 full-time professors at SDA Bocconi School of Management, and more than 30 top-level visiting professors and guest speakers, many of them policy-makers and practitioners with roles ranging from “board to ward” in health organizations, or from “CEO to shop floor” in the industry. The faculty members of SDA Bocconi also regularly teach in short-, long- and master-level executive programs, providing the MIHMEP class the value-added combination of rigorous theory with first-hand experience of real-life dynamics of health organizations, systems, and industries.

The Master is directly linked to a knowledge tank, the SDA Bocconi CERGAS (Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management), where the Faculty carries out investigations and action-research on state-of-the-art innovations and changes taking place in health sectors and systems all over the world. Knowledge is continuously transferred from the center to MIHMEP class, guaranteeing that topics, case studies, exercises, and role-play are always updated.

In addition to all this, we also have a strong network with many kinds of working environments, as SDA Bocconi runs customized training and research programs that cultivate relationships with health organizations, authorities, institutions, systems, and international organizations and industries year after year. Plus, MIHMEP has 620 alumni all over the world, the ambassadors of their beloved program. No surprise that opportunities for internships and jobs flourish in this context. And every year we have a truly international class. No other master in healthcare can boast this environment.

Are you ready for a challenging journey where technical knowledge is only a part of the picture? Do you really want to grow into a 360-degree leader in your field? Do you want to broaden your professional horizons and become a forward thinker, able to understand and decode the increasing complexity of the current healthcare environment?

And, are you ready to spend 9 months of your life in Italy and in Milan, one of the most cosmopolitan and culture-rich cities in the world? In a country that runs one of the world’s best national health systems, among the top markets for industries. Where three medical schools – in Padua, Bologna, and Salerno – date back to the Middle Ages. Where mental health patients were de-institutionalized for the first time worldwide in the late 1970s, thus carving a path for other health systems. Where three of the first four advanced therapies at present available in the market were discovered.

If healthcare is what you are interested in, the place to be is MIHMEP. You can count on my total commitment to further the reputation and leadership that MIHMEP has developed over the last 21 years, by following in the footsteps of my predecessor and by nurturing the community of MIHMEP alumni and the relationships with the working environment.

I look forward to welcoming you to Milan and to SDA Bocconi School of Management.


Viviana Mangiaterra | MIHMEP Director