Celebrating 25 years of MIHMEP at SDA Bocconi: a journey through innovation and community

Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy


SDA Bocconi recently hosted a landmark event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of MIHMEP: Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy: a two-day celebration and a unique opportunity for alumni, community, students and faculty to reconnect and discuss the evolving challenges of the global healthcare sector.


The first day began with an opening address by Viviana Mangiaterra, Director of MIHMEP, who highlighted the commitment of everyone involved since its inception in 1999. “Today is a celebration of an important milestone and an open invitation to strengthen our community and shape future programs more effectively,” she shared.

Enzo Baglieri, Associate Dean for the Masters Division, spoke about MIHMEP’s role within the broader goals of the school: “We’re committed to enhancing the program’s international influence and ensuring it remains at the forefront of education on healthcare economics and management".

Stefano Caselli, Dean of SDA Bocconi, emphasized the school’s dedication to preparing leaders capable of tackling future global health challenges: “Our mission is to continually evolve and respond to the needs of the healthcare sector, ensuring our graduates are equipped to lead, innovate and make a meaningful impact.”

The first day’s sessions highlighted urgent global concerns – climate change and artificial intelligence – and their implications for healthcare.

Maria Neira, Director of the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health at the World Health Organization (WHO), delivered a compelling presentation on the intersection of climate change and healthcare.

It’s not about the polar bears or glaciers – it’s about the health of communities worldwide,” she asserted. “The health sector must lead the way in making our systems climate-resilient.”

Then, she encouraged everyone to consider the impact of their work and to lead by example: “Every action counts, from how we manage our facilities to the policies we advocate for. The health sector’s involvement can catalyze broader societal changes.

Following Maria Neira’s impactful talk, João Manuel Pedrosa, a researcher from INESC TEC, joined the stage to explore the role of artificial intelligence in transforming healthcare.

AI’s role in healthcare is fundamentally about augmenting human capabilities, not replacing them,” he stated, going on to highlight several areas where it’s making significant inroads, such as diagnostic accuracy, personalized medicine and operational efficiency.

Pedrosa also emphasized the importance of transparency, data privacy and the need for robust ethical frameworks to guide AI development and implementation in healthcare. “As we integrate AI into healthcare settings, we must ensure these systems are fair, unbiased and respectful of patient rights,” he explained.

During the second day of the MIHMEP’s reunion, students and alumni participated in a workshop to discuss key topics that are vital for the future of healthcare management. Facilitated by Ana Stevanovic, owner consulting GmbH, and former directors Rosanna Tarricone, Giovanni Fattore, Aleksandra Torbica and Elio Borgonovi, the session focused on networking strategies, enhancing community support and fundraising initiatives, and saw participants exchanging ideas on leveraging their collective expertise to foster continuous innovation in the industry, as well as contributing to the ongoing development of the MIHMEP program.

As the healthcare sector continues to evolve, events like the MIHMEP 25th anniversary provide a valuable platform to shape the future, setting the stage for another 25 years of educational excellence and innovation at SDA Bocconi.


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