Masters in Healthcare Management, Full Time Master | SDA Bocconi

Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology (P&MT)

The P&MT specialization courses will focus and deeply analyze the dynamics of different industries (pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and technologies produced through biotechnological processes, medical devices, and other medical technologies). You will learn about the regulatory environment, management issues, and tools to assess and promote added value: health technology assessment, economic evaluation, pricing strategies, and other market access tools.


If you choose this specialization you are likely to find positions in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and/or medical technology companies and/or consulting firms in areas such as health economics and reimbursement, outcome research, market access and public affairs.

Courses and Seminars

The P&MT specialization includes the following courses and seminars:


  • Pharmaceutical Policy and Management: analyzes and evaluates the regulation of the pharmaceutical market (and how regulation impacts a pharmaceutical company’s strategies) and the structure and dynamics of the pharmaceutical and medical device market, with special attention to the trade-off between health policy and industrial policy.


  • Health Economics of Medical Devices: innovation in medical devices is one of the most important drivers of patient health and quality of life. You will learn how medical devices differentiate from other technologies, and what methods need to be used when the assessment and evaluation of medical devices is at stake. You will also understand how the medical device industry operates internationally, and how health economics can support product strategy in medical device companies.


  • Regulation Management and Entrepreneurship in the Biotech Sector: introduces students to the biotech sector and the application of biotechnology to healthcare, focusing on the structure and dynamics of the biotechnology industry, problems arising from management and entrepreneurship in an innovative environment, regulation, and ethical issues concerning biotechnology.


  • Decision Analysis in Healthcare Organizations: an explicit, quantitative and systematic approach to decision making under conditions of uncertainty. You will be introduced to the concepts and methods of decision analysis and modeling and their growing range of applications in clinical, management, and policy decisions.


  • Market Access for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technologies (Seminar): provides you with an understanding of market access strategy and tools for pharmaceutical companies, and how medical technologies impact the pre-marketing and post-marketing phases. Market access strategies activities will be discussed 1) using case-studies, 2) focusing on the disease environment/management, outcome research, health economics, and pricing, 3) throughout different phases: early development and late development, market launch, and post launch.


  • Marketing Strategy for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technologies (Seminar): provides a strong foundation in strategic marketing planning in markets, such as medical technology and pharmaceuticals, where the customer is the healthcare system, delivering it in an interactive manner, connecting concepts and models with application to mini-case studies from medical markets.