Get Ready for Launch

In the advanced courses held in the last phase of the MAFED you will explore the topics to launch yourself into the business world. In ad-hoc seminars you will deal with specific issues and learn state-of-the-art methodologies and tools in the fashion, design, and experience sectors.

Advanced Courses


International Business

  • Interpret the main theories and concepts regarding internationalization processes and international management
  • Understand key issues and barriers in the global management of fashion and design brands
  • Understand global sourcing in fashion
  • Develop the ability to carry out an international market analysis (risk return and potential evaluation analysis)
  • Understand the most critical decisions associated with international growth (intellectual property management, customs, distribution channels, retail structure, pricing, etc.)
  • Upgrade your ability to write a business plan for an internationalization process, or improve the international competitiveness of fashion and design companies


Developing Creativity in Business

  • Learn the meaning of applied creativity and the creative process within teams and organizations
  • Increase your creative potential by exercising creativity in different business contexts (new product development, launch of a new event, launch of a new advertising campaign)

The MAFED is also supported by the Luxury Division of the L’Oréal Group. During the Management of Creativity course, L’Oréal gives MAFED students a briefing for a product launch and the possibility to present the project in front of the company’s top management, who gives feedback to each of the groups.


Creative Entrepreneurship

The purpose of the course is to allow you to test your abilities in terms of:

  • Ideating a fashion start-up
  • “Selling” your idea to teammates
  • Validating your idea
  • Pitching your idea to investors


Corporate Finance - Advanced

  • Assess the value of a fashion company through key financial valuation techniques
  • Analyze financial statements to evaluate a company’s performance
  • Analyze financial statements to evaluate a company’s financial standing



  • Learn how to apply analytical models to evaluate corporate strategies in the luxury industry, and their impact on creation and the capturing of value.
  • Discuss a corporate case, examining both the qualitative and quantitative information, and drawing relevant conclusions about the related managerial implications.
  • Learn and apply basic economic rules for information, experience, and symbolic goods


Processes and Competence in Brand and Product Management


  • Understand evolving competencies and skills in fashion, luxury, design companies
  • Understand the main roles, tasks, activities, processes, and interrelations in the branding and product retail management area (brand manager, product manager, sales/retail manager, licensing manager, but also the role of consultants)
  • Test your capability to link strategic decisions on brand and product to performance along the value chain (assignment)


Processes and Competences in Retail

  • Learn how to analyze store assortments in terms of brands and price ranges
  • Develop skills to carry out retail intelligence
  • Learn how to portray strategic decisions and performance results in retail activities
  • Learn how to brief for store design
  • Learn how to develop a business plan to open a new store



Corporate Social Responsibility in Fashion & Luxury

This seminar provides an overview on the topic of CSR in Fashion & Luxury with a focus on responsible innovation. The analysis of different business practices aims at providing useful food for thought to consumers and managers that are willing to face the responsibility challenge. You will develop your analytical and creative capabilities, identifying strategic issues in responsible fashion.


Corporate Strategy

This seminar offers a hands-on yet rigorous approach to corporate strategy choices in the fashion and luxury market, providing you with a challenging theoretical framework and an array of business cases for discussion. The goal of the course is to examine in a systemic way corporate strategies and their impact on sustainability of value creation and capturing.

Tradition is the opposite of innovation. At the same time, innovation is supposed to be at the core of modernity in fashion. Yet, potential innovation in fashion is somewhat abundant, whereas the supply of tradition is definitely scarce. How has the luxury industry managed this apparent contradiction?


Study Tours (on a fee-paying basis)


The MAFED Goes to Paris - Paris Study Tour

The study tour in Paris is a wonderful opportunity to visit one of the most glamorous European fashion cities and deep dive into French culture and the roots of luxury, fashion, and haute couture.

The tour is usually scheduled between April and May, a really nice time of the year to visit the French capital.

The two-day trip consists of lectures, guest speeches from industry managers, and visits to companies and institutions. The candidates get the opportunity to meet their peers from Paris during an evening event organized by the hosting business school. At the event the school also invites MAFED alumni living and working in Paris to offer a more complete networking experience.


The MAFED Goes to Madrid - Madrid Study Tour

The study tour in Madrid will focus on the Spanish fashion system comparing it to the Italian one. The students will visit Spanish companies who represent the excellence of Spanish fashion in logistics and distribution, such as fast-fashion retailers, local concept stores, department stores, and e-tailers.


The MAFED Goes to New York– New York Study Tour

Visiting New York and meeting US companies and institutions that represent the excellence of US Fashion.