Study tours are the perfect occasion to deepen in field what it is learned in class. The MAFED has a rich proposal of study tours, they're not mandatory and are not included in the fee of the Master. Most study tours are intended for the whole class, but the latest ones of New York and Italian Grand Tour are specifically dedicated to the participants of the tracks in Go-To-Market in a Fashion and Design Global Landscape and in Experience & Hospitality.

The Haute Couture Study tour | Paris Study Tour

For all the MAFED class

The study tour in Paris is a wonderful opportunity to visit one of the most glamorous European fashion cities and deep dive into the French culture and the roots of luxury, fashion, and haute couture.

The tour is usually scheduled between April and May, a really nice time of the year to visit the French capital.

The two-day trip consists of lectures, guest speeches from industry managers, and visits to companies and institutions. MAFED partecipants get the opportunity to meet their peers from Paris during an evening event organized by the hosting business school. At the event the School also invites MAFED alumni living and working in Paris to offer a more complete networking experience.

In the 2022 Haute Couture Study tour, in collaboration with Institut Français de la Mode, MAFED students, accompanied by Emanuela Prandelli, MAFED Director, and Lucia Paladino, MAFED Faculty,  had the opportunity to partecipate to the following lectures and Company visits:

  • Visit to Lesage atelier, Embroideries Lab for Chanel & other luxury brands
  • Visit to Le Bon Marché
  • "An overview of new concepts in the Parisian fashion and luxury industry" by Elise Garcia - IFM Lecturer
  • "The French luxury industry" by Franck Delpal - IFM Professor
  • "The Fragrance industry" by Caroline Ardelet - IFM Professor Director of the MSc in International Fashion & Luxury management
  • Guest speech from Chloé guest speakers
  • Elsa Schiaparelli Exhibition
  • Kenzo Fragrance department - guest speech from the Group Product Manager

The Fast Fashion versus Sustainability Study tour | Madrid Study Tour

For all the MAFED class

The study tour in Madrid will focus on the Spanish fashion system comparing it to the Italian one. MAFED partecipants will visit Spanish companies who represent the excellence of Spanish fashion in logistics and distribution, such as fast-fashion retailers, local concept stores, department stores, and e-tailers. The tour is usually scheduled between October and early December.

In the 2022 Fast Fashion versus Sustainability Study tour, in collaboration with ISEM, MAFED students, accompanied by Francesca Romana Rinaldi, MAFED Faculty, had the opportunity  to partecipate to the following lectures and Company visits:

  • "Overview of the Spanish Retail System, Pre + Post Covid" by Marina Duque de Mulvihill, ISEM Professor
  • Guest speech from Antonio Riera, ECOALF Designer
  • "LOEWE. From classic leathergoods brand to a cultural brand. The journey" by Silvia Soler, ISEM Professor, ex LOEWE
  • "Strategies in Retail from the Spanish Market" by Luis Lara, ISEM Professor
  • "Mango Case Study" with Luis Lara, ISEM Professor
  • Visit to CASA LOEWE
  • Visit to WOW Concept

The Retail Study tour | New York Study Tour

For the concentration “Go to market in a fashion and design global landscape”

Visiting New York and meeting US companies and institutions that represent the excellence of US Fashion, with a focus on retail and fashion design. The tour is usually scheduled in the last months of the year.

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The Italian Grand Tour | In Italy

For the concentration “Food experience and hospitality management”

Visiting relevant experience, food & beverage hospitality local business worldwide renown for their excellence.

In the 2022 Italian Grand Tour for the concentration in Food experience and hospitality management, MAFED students had the opportunity  to partecipate to the following lectures and Company visits:

  • Museo Lavazza, Torino
  • Tartuflanghe Località Catena Rossa, Piobesi d'Alba 
  • Cantine Cordero di Montezemolo, La Morra 
  • Cannavacciuolo Bistrot, Novara

Arrivederci Week Study Tour

At the end of the program, we dedicate a week to say goodbye after a whole year together sharing benches: this is the Arrivederci Week.

For that occasion, in 2021 MAFED students travelled to Veneto, northen region of Italy, to deepen the shoe industry with specific visits to industry and museums. Accompanied by the Mafed Director, students had the opportunity to partecipate to the following lectures and Company visits:

  • Rossimoda, part of LVMH group. They were welcomed by the CEO, Igor Borgatti, the Emanuele Radicchi, Product Development Director and Lorenzo Bigolin, Manufacturing Director. Into the factory students were able to see the various steps of shoe production live.
  • Villa Foscarini Rossi, shoe museum
  • Bottega Veneta at Montebello Vicentino where Andrea Svegliado, Industrial Operations HR Director, presented the company and in addition to a tour of the site, the students had the opportunity to come into contact with the production process and interact with the craftsmen during the creation of the product.
  • Fondazione Bisazza at Montecchio Maggiore. Bisazza is an Italian design brand and producer of glass mosaic for high-end interior and exterior decoration. Students were able to see various installations in which the mosaic product was enhanced.