Towards the Core Skills

September will be devoted to the specialized courses aimed at equipping you with the core competences and managerial toolkits needed to work in fashion, design, and experience-based industries. The goal is to focus on the main managerial positions and build in class the fundamental skills required to cover these roles.

The specialized courses include


Digital Strategy

(in partnership with YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP)


  • Learn how to set an effective digital strategy for fashion, design, and experience brands
  • Understand how to build sound digital marketing and communication
  • Learn how to run e-commerce initiatives
  • Get familiar with practices to enhance conversion rates
  • Learn about digital initiatives KPIs
MAFED - Digital Strategy in partnership with Yoox Net-A-Porter Group | SDA Bocconi
MAFED - Digital Strategy in partnership with Yoox Net-A-Porter Group | SDA Bocconi

Customer Relationship Management

  • Learn what are the major barriers and benefits of CRM in fashion and design
  • Learn how to use the web to enhance the company’s CRM strategies
  • Understand how to build a customer database in an omnichannel strategy
  • Learn how to segment and profile customers within a database
  • Get familiar with the different actions that can be addressed towards different customer profiles in an omnichannel environment


Merchandising Advanced

  • Learn how to plan a seasonal collection with reference to past season performance, competitors, and service levels
  • Identify differences on how different companies (ready-to-wear, mass) carry out the PD and learn appropriate languages and terminology
  • Learn how to carry out a merchandising plan


Omnichannel Management & Retailing

  • Discuss the present scenario for retailing at a global level, and discuss about “what’s next”
  • Analyze how the offline and the online can compete and cooperate at the same time, by singling out the main factors reducing the potential cannibalization between the two channels on the one hand, and by identifying the golden rules in order to maximize the synergies between them on the other hand
  • Focus on the hybrid customer’s journey and its key distinguishing traits
  • Explain how category management works
  • Analyze the customer journey in detail: traffic power, capture power, entering power, interaction power, conversion rate


Developing Creativity in Business

  • Learn the meaning of applied creativity and the creative process within teams and organizations
  • Increase your creative potential by exercising creativity in different business contexts (new product development, launch of a new event, launch of a new advertising campaign)


Processes and Competences in Retail

  • Learn how to analyze store assortments in terms of brands and price ranges
  • Develop skills to carry out retail intelligence
  • Learn how to portray strategic decisions and performance results in retail activities
  • Learn how to brief for store design
  • Learn how to develop a business plan to open a new store