Camilla Falivena

Government, Health and Not for Profit


Latest publications

Brunelli S., FALIVENA C., Carlino C., Venuti F. Accountability for climate change: a research synthesis through the lenses of the integrated thinking approach Meditari Accountancy Research, 2021
Stegbauer C., FALIVENA C., Moreno A., Hentschel A., Rosenmöller M., Heise T., Szecsenyi J., Schliess F. Costs and its drivers for diabetes mellitus type 2 patients in France and Germany: a systematic review of economic studies BMC Health Services Research, 16 November, 2020, vol.20, no. 1
D'Amato A., FALIVENA C. Corporate social responsibility and firm value: Do firm size and age matter? Empirical evidence from European listed companies Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 2020, vol.27, no. 2, pp.909-924
BRUNELLI S., FALIVENA C., ANSELMI L. Applicazione e potenziamento del PIP (Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework) in ambito OMS: un’arma in più per affrontare le fasi successive al picco da Covid-19 Mecosan, 2020, vol.113, pp.9-15
FALIVENA C., RANALLI F. Hospital-Based Health Technology Assessment: analisi della letteratura internazionale (2008-2019). Azienda Pubblica, 2020, vol.2, pp.22
FALIVENA C., PALOZZI G. Value-Based Healthcare Paradigm for Healthcare Sustainability in Accountability, Ethics and Sustainability of Organizations Brunelli Sandro, Di Carlo Emiliano (Eds),Springer International Publishing, chap. 7, pp.133-153, 2020

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