Antonello Garzoni

Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Governance


Latest publications

GARZONI A., De Turi I., Secundo G., Del Vecchio P. Fostering digital transformation of SMEs: a four levels approach Management Decision, 2020, vol.58, no. 8, pp.1543-1562
Vitolla F., Raimo N., Rubino M., GARZONI A. The impact of national culture on integrated reporting quality. A stakeholder theory approach Business Strategy and the Environment, 2019, vol.28, no. 8, pp.1558-1571
Vitolla F., Raimo N., Rubino M., GARZONI A. How pressure from stakeholders affects integrated reporting quality Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 2019
Rubino M., Vitolla F., GARZONI A. Network contract and internationalization: evidence from Italian firms Management Decision, 2019, vol.57, no. 11, pp.2911-2939
Del Vecchio P., Secundo G., Rubino M., GARZONI A., Vrontis D. Open innovation in family firms: empirical evidence about internal and external knowledge flows Business Process Management Journal, 2019, vol.26, no. 5, pp.979-997
RUBINO M., RAIMO N., VITOLLA F., GARZONI A. Cultura nazionale e livello di digitalizzazione delle imprese europee: evidenze empiriche in Identità, innovazione e impatto dell’aziendalismo italiano. Dentro l’economia digitale Culasso F., Pizzo M. (Eds),Università di Torino, pp.581-593, 2019

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