Durable training to support organisational growth

ABB is a global leader of technology for energy and automation...

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SDA Bocconi - Arexpo Project

The Arexpo is a typical example of a successful custom project in which the value of the contribution of SDA Bocconi is generated by...


EGP Business School, sustainability reaches another milestone
EGP Business School, sustainability reaches another milestone

EGP Business School, sustainability reaches another milestone

“A great partnership for a great challenge.” This was the comment by Giuseppa Soda, Dean SDA Bocconi, to mark the conclusion of the EGP initiative.

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SDA Bocconi's INNOHACK for accelerating innovation

Innovative ideas that turn into reality: it's not just a slogan. SDA Bocconi's Innohack - the new methodology developed by SDA Bocconi and applied to a new joint initiative between the School and the multinational pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim aimed at finding new solutions for managing chronic diseases...


Prysmian Group Academy

Prysmian is a world leading industrial group in the sector for cables, energy and Tlc systems, present in 50 countries with 21 thousand employees...

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Indian Railways

The journey that Indian Railways and SDA Bocconi started together four years ago has reached yet another stage, adding another important result to a profitable collaboration in terms of training and managerial innovation.

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Multiple Sclerosis Management Lab

Multiple Sclerosis Management Lab is an innovative project in partnership with Biogen Italia which promotes a tangible change experience in the field of healthcare...

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Novartis Executive Custom Project Ahcme
Novartis Executive Custom Project Ahcme

SDA Bocconi and Novartis

Performance evaluation, chronicity management, and clinical trials. These are the top three  challenges that healthcare systems – not just in Italy but globally – are facing today, and whose importance will continue to grow in the near future...

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Privileged Talks

Health care systems are facing huge challenges. Demographic changes and new demands for care, therapeutic innovation and health technology assessment, and strategic alliances between public and private sectors are all transforming the landscape of healthcare...

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Results Evaluation

An effective training project will produce real and steady results – on people, organizations and even on society as ittransforms the status quo.

Its impact is commensurate with the transformation objective at design stage, and passes through the empowerment of people over time. This involves the identification of potential, the consolidation of "hard" and "soft" skills, and the ability to make employees agents of change within the organization.

This is why the value of a SDA Bocconi Organization Empowerment® can be measured both in the short and long run.

Impact on people
  • Change of mindset
  • Greater confidence in results
  • Strong managerial and operative skills
  • Increased motivation
  • Development of new perspectives and a new vision
Impact on organizations
  • New approach and problem solving attitude
  • Accelerated innovation and a new vision
  • Economic and financial results
  • Support for business growth
  • Motivation for a sustainable and durable organizational change
Impact on society
  • Deep undestanding of the effects of Corporate decisions on external entities
  • Greater social responsibility
  • Wider contribution to collective welfare

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