Defining the Program

Designing Together

Each SDA Bocconi Custom Program is a co-creation. The School and the customer work together to define:

  • objectives
  • type of actions
  • delivery methods
  • time frames
  • work team.


SDA Bocconi's expertise and the customers' contribution jointly develop a unique training experience in contents, recipients, teaching methods, timing and forms of delivery.

SDA Bocconi works alongside the customer with a dedicated team, bringing in-depth knowledge of organization dynamics, learning processes and sector-specific factors. And, most of all, it is capable to deal with the customer's changing needs.

Teaching Formats

SDA Bocconi Organization Empowerment® Custom Programs invest in the diversification of delivery channels taking into account any possible learning variable and variation – face to face in classroom or outside, online sessions, or a balanced mix between the two.

Choosing the Right Tools

SDA Bocconi creates high experiential training, because direct experience enhances learning.

Concept, methods and techniques are best received when reinforced by activities which stimulate interaction with teachers and make participants feel the experience first-hand.

Examples of experiential learning methodologies:


  • Web based simulations
  • Experience labs
  • Role playing games
  • Online cases and challenges
  • Online learning tools
  • Testimonials
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