Prysmian Group Academy

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 Prysmian Group Academy

The Project

Prysmian is a world leading industrial group in the sector for cables, energy and Tlc systems, present in 50 countries with 21 thousand employees. The success of an organisation this big requires the spread and integration of company values at a local level, coupled with the development of a shared managerial culture.

In 2012 Prysmian Group first began cooperating with SDA Bocconi for the development of a stable and articulated training project capable of responding to such a complex challenge, aimed at managers at different corporate levels and from different countries.

The Prysmian Group Academy was thus created for managerial training and the development of the company's human capital. This far-reaching collaboration transcends training and embraces close collaboration with the company for the study of and research into corporate dynamics.

Prysmian management's open-mindedness and enthusiasm for discussion enabled the extensive sharing of the group's strategic objectives, and consequently, significant personalisation of training proposals during the actual implementation phase. All this, translated into training material, cases, assessments, field projects, means that Prysmian Academy development programs have a profound effect on business.

The numbers which have emerged from this project's development speak for themselves and convey the sheer impact on the organisation: in 5 years of activity the Academy has involved 564 managers in 330 training days in 25 different course sessions, as well as approximately 50 teachers from SDA Bocconi in 6 regional academies opened in regional Prysmian company hubs throughout the world, from North America to Asia. Furthermore, 7 case studies have been completed, focused on the group's main strategic challenges in various branches throughout the world, training tools and simulations have been developed, enabling an analysis of the corporate climate, coupled with different customised studies on the theme of strategic innovation and M&A.