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Identifying people and objectives

Investing in people

SDA Bocconi Custom education is tailored to the person, leveraging on individual skills and roles, potentials and aspirations and existing gaps.

A customized program by SDA Bocconi simultaneously works on different targets based on their specific requirements and needs. Thus the intervention truly makes an impact on the whole organization: from top management to institutional managers, supervisors of small to medium teams, young professionals, specialized personnel and field resources. It also satisfies the needs of those who:

  • need to grasp general concepts,
  • want to consolidate their background,
  • aim to develop advanced skills.
Aligning roles and functions with the goals of the organization

A Custom Program by SDA Bocconi is also designed to add value to functions and roles within the organization and to make them consistent with the strategic business goals.

It is then that a program will empower all levels successfully: from top company management to institutional managers as well as supervisors of small to medium sized work teams, young professionals, specialized personnel and field resources.

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