Multiple Sclerosis Management Lab

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Multiple Sclerosis Management Lab

The Project

In bringing together the view points of different healthcare management actors, MSM Lab aims to create a common language to enable the provision of assistance and treatment services in all their complexity, by encouraging professionals and facilities to organise themselves according to territorial and patient requests. Multiple Sclerosis Management Lab is an innovative project in partnership with Biogen Italia which promotes a tangible change experience in the field of healthcare. The project started with the analysis of currently available services and their provision, and involves several professional figures - general and healthcare managers, neurologists, reference professionals of scientific companies. It aims to tackle crucial issues in the care of multiple sclerosis patients, from a managerial stance, while also developing an action model that can be extended to other healthcare fields.

The value of the MSMLab project is the result of the combined effect of three factors:

  •   sector-specific research,
  • networking and constant discussion between operators,
  • the creation and spread of knowledge by means of the publication of the results of work.

The activity of MSMLab is concretely implemented by means of meetings and workshop during which SDA Bocconi Faculty encourages debate and offers methodological support in the search of innovative solutions, based on specific emergent requirements.

Maria Giovanna Marrosu, coordinator of the Multiple Sclerosis Study Group of the Italian Neurology Society, a participant of MSM Lab: "Undertaking a process which is extendible beyond multiple sclerosis is a challenge we hope will lead to tangible results throughout the entire country."