Understanding the Needs

Starting a Conversation

Dialogue is the basis of every successful partnership. It starts with understanding needs. The first one being knowing each other.

That's why SDA Bocconi is particularly focused on this prerequisite when it comes to Organizational Empowerment®.

An in-depth dialogue with the customer is essential in order to:

  • understand actual needs,
  • identify the levers of change,
  • evaluate the need for intervention,
  • assess margin for improvement.
Considering the Context

In order to go far you need to know which steps to take. It is important to dynamically assess the context, anticipate trends and imagine future scenarios using scientifically solid predictive models.

What is the organizational framework (size, type, company structure and management)?

What is the current and future competitive scenario (sector, industry, market)?

Performing an in-depth analysis of the context allows SDA Bocconi to apply its vast experience in field research to assess and analyze the broadest possible range of information to define the program.

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