EGP Business School, Training for sustainability

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EGP Business School, Training for sustainability

EGP Business School, sustainability reaches another milestone
EGP Business School, sustainability reaches another milestone
The project

A successful alliance for environmental sustainability: Enel Green Power and SDA Bocconi School of Management created the EGP School of Business Development, a training program of several months for 120 EGP business development professionals from 20 different countries, that concluded recently with a graduation ceremony.

The training project was born out of the need to consolidate and harmonize the vision and the managerial preparation of EGP’s business developers, the “young explorers” – according to the definition of their CEO, Antonello Cammisecra – who operate in complex contexts, having to deal with situations that are different from their own and often far away from the countries EGP has a presence in. This need had already arisen at the beginning of 2016, and found an operative solution in the encounter of two entities who are leaders in their respective fields, EGP and SDA Bocconi. The objective was to train people tasked with taking the lead of one of the innovation fronts that are crucial for the planet, that of renewable energy.

“Training top managers is very important to us,” EGP’s CEO reminded us. “We are leaders in our sector and we need the best talent, with the best possible training, to win the global challenge of sustainability.”

Out of this was born a training project that fully incorporates the value of the SDA Bocconi’s Custom Programs. According to the principles and the consolidated practices, the courses were designed as a joint effort between EGP and SDA Bocconi, and included both face-to-face lessons and online tasks and tutorials.

The execution of the program, which lasted 8 months, from May 2017 to January 2018, guided the international business developers through an in-depth look at all the most relevant topics for the development of the company and the sector, such as Tender Management, Engineering Fundamentals, and Partnering Strategies & Options, alternated to management fundamentals consolidation courses.

The validity of the project was highlighted by the Director of the EGP School of Business Development himself, Matteo Di Castelnuovo: “We know that business developers need to monitor many fronts at the same time, and the value of this training program was exactly in providing them, in a limited amount of time, a complete set of skills and operative tools they can use in their daily work activities.”

The appreciation was reiterated by the client who commissioned the program through their HR manager, who underlined the success of the partnership and the positive impact the training program had: “The was an excellent collaboration between SDA Bocconi and EGP, both were very friendly and open-minded, took great care in the course planning and the monitoring of the results.”

“A great partnership for a great challenge,” commented Giuseppe Soda, Dean of SDA Bocconi, at the end of the initiative, summing up the strategic value that projects of this type can have for innovative companies who invest in training.