Research and Programs

SDA Bocconi produces and shares knowledge through important research on topics of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Diversity, Inclusion & Smart working (DIS) Observatory

The labs and observatories of SDA Bocconi are strongholds that can produce a constant stream of information, also internationally, on innovative and strategically significant topics for companies and institutions.

The Diversity, Inclusion & Smart working Observatory (DIS) has been in the fields of research on diversity and inclusion management for more than 18 years. This field embraces topics that have become crucial to companies, such as age and generation, gender, sexual orientation and identity, ethnicity and culture, disability, maternity and paternity leave, wellbeing and health and work-life balance. In recent years, the observatory has focused on “smart working”, which carries with it a new way of organizing work and more importantly a new style of management based on trust and responsibility.