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SDA Bocconi actively participates in discussions regarding diversity, equity and inclusion through its academic and non-academic research, the publication of news and articles also accessible from SDA Bocconi Insight, and organization of events on related topics that involve the participation of national and international figures and the support of partners.

23 June 2022
Reputation and Diversity confirm SDA Bocconi’s GEMBA in the world top 10
The QS Global Executive MBA Ranking 2022 is online
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20 June 2022
More inclusive and sustainable: the new life of Signify
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15 June 2022
How to increase the international impact of NBA players by studying brands
The NBPA launched the One Court Milan platform at SDA Bocconi during the 4th edition of the International Business Academy
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23 May 2022
Inclusion? A value, not a label
Diversity in Business, a meeting organized by SDA Bocconi’s LGBTQ+ Club and sponsored by Amazon
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8 April 2022
Breaking the glass ceiling: Three leading women share their experiences
A panel meeting at SDA Bocconi on the International Women’s Day
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11 March 2022
SDA Bocconi’s community mobilizes to help the Ukrainian population
An initiative by the Ethica Club
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22 November 2021
Diversity & Inclusion in the Pages of New Issue of E&M
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19 November 2021
Dellagiovanna: Diversity? A real asset for companies and society
A meeting of the Full-Time MBA Special Leadership Series
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9 June 2021
Gender equality on Boards: 10 years after the Golfo-Mosca Act, the way forward continues
The results of a research study by SDA Bocconi’s Diversity Monitor
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4 March 2019
Gender pay gap: a companies’ growth limitation
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Apr 2022 18:00 - 19:30 | CEST
Diversity | Come vincere la sfida della parità di genere


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Apr 2022 09:30 - 17:00 | CEST
A dedicated Full-Time MBA Day - On Campus

Info Session

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Mar 2022 18:00 - 19:30 | CEST
Women in Cybersecurity: breaking down barriers | Specialized Cybersecurity Careers


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Mar 2022 17:00 - 18:30 | CET
Tech with Her - Science, Technology and Women in Innovation - Myriam Mariani


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Bocconi University launched THINK DIVERSE, a podcast that portrays a diverse world in which inclusive practices benefit individuals, organizations and society. In the podcast, the Dean of Diversity and Inclusion at Bocconi University speaks with experts within the Bocconi system (University and SDA) on the hottest topics of the moment.

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Humor in the workplace? Sure, but for women not so much…
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