Alumni Association

EMiLUX participants develop an international professional network second to none - being Alumni from two prestigious international Business Schools, they enhance their worlswide reach.

BAA Bocconi Alumni Association

Alumni are one of the greatest assets of business schools throughout the world. Bocconi Alumni Association (BAA) brings together more than 100,000 Alumni who have acquired a Bocconi Degree. Over 12,000 come from SDA Bocconi MBA and Master's Programs.

The association aims to spread the value of a shared experience and culture, strengthening the ties among Alumni.

ESSEC Alumni Association

The ESSEC Alumni Association currently gathers a community of 47,000 graduates, with over 62 Alumni chapters located worldwide. As well as giving career advice to ESSEC graduates, the ESSEC Alumni Association offers a wide range of services and organizes special events, in order to develop the ESSEC network and image.