My impression of the first days in the EMILUX program is beyond all expectations!

We jumped right into the deep of the dynamic and complexity of luxury business whilst using different learning methodologies such as lectures, guest speeches from the field’s big players and of course open discussions.

What I was positively surprised was how many luxury brands and outstanding business cases we discussed only in the first two days and furthermore how the business terms across all business categories were explained for those who are from different fields. This is really important for all of us participants to be on the same page and to go this path as one unity!

 After months of being connected online, it was a great pleasure to meet our new EMiLUX family in person, to connect and to build up our network.

I am already convinced I made the right choice with the EMILUX program and I am sure my expectations will be further surpassed throughout this master.

Eva Einwallner - Austrian
EMILUX 4 2021
Wholesale Operations Specialist at MONCLER

While we first were disappointed to postpone the Nov'20 in-person module because of covid-19, it quickly turned out that SDA Bocconi with its very professional EMILUX team pivoted quickly, and instead made it super easy for all participants around the globe to join some of the planned presentations online. Then end of Jan'21 it was still uncertain if the module can take place in Feb'21. However, Prof. Gabriella Lojacono and her team did an incredible job assuring that our class can travel to the university that felt like a safe place to us. When arriving in Milan I was especially moved by the warm welcome on the first day though Giuseppe Soda, Dean SDA Bocconi, Prof. Gabriella Lojacono and the EMILUX team, as well as Cartier's representation. During the first two days, I was super impressed by the passionate instructors sharing insights into innovative concepts and business strategies of successful luxury companies, and also by inspiring guest speakers on campus and connected online, e.g. Alessandro Varisco, CEO Twinset. Coming from 13 years of experience of digital retail, merchandising and technical product development, I am super excited for the group to double down in building a diverse tool sets required to successfully lead luxury businesses to the next level. Especially the situation of the uncertain developments in the industry driven by the pandemic will require fresh insights. Our EMILUX class '21 is excited to invest into our personal growth with the support of the expertise of SDA Bocconi in luxury segments and businesses. As the first EMILUX class, we will get the chance to generate knowledge into current customer trends, and how luxury brands succeed by efficiently leveraging technological innovations in the context of omni-channel management. Representing the EMILUX'21 class, I would like to thank the EMILUX instructors and team! We are looking forward to the modules ahead of us!

Bettina Sehorsch - American
EMILUX 4 2021
Product Leader Tech,, New York City (USA)

Today the enthusiasm was as strong as only a new beginning can trigger.

Listening to the dean Giuseppe Soda talking about hopes and dreams was very inspirational and I'm feeling so proud to be part of this niche group. The first day was full of emotions and SDABocconi professionalism goes beyond any expectations. Despite the COVID19 difficulties and interferences, the school carried forward the program at its best providing us with online materials to prepare ourselves to this enriching and exciting adventure.

Investing in the education and self-development is the greatest choice one can do.

Aliona Todorenco - Moldovan
EMILUX 4 2021
Engineering & Quality Coordinator at Alexander McQueen

I attended Emilux because I wanted to improve my knowledge about the luxury world in an experienced, diverse and international environment. I found an outstanding program, led by an expert faculty, with a professional and detailed content and a high exposure. Discovering the various faces of luxury through different markets and sectors lights up your mind and gives you a 360° view of the topic. Emilux is an inspiring program that creates passion and knowledge to enter this challenging and evolving industry. 

Giulia Luckenbach - Italian
EMILUX 3 2019-2020
Marketing & Sales Manager, JL Atelier Couture

After 20 years experience in the luxury retail store business I certainly have received exhaustive training in critical skills in many areas of the business and I have taken every opportunity to learn from those around me, including a network of customers that include celebrities, important global executives, leading academics, and many other deeply interesting and unique personalities.

I was coming from a much practical experience, and EMiLUX is giving to me the opportunity to learn and understand the direction of the business of the luxury industry , which is increasingly complex, dynamic, and global.

This program is perfect to me because I have an unsatisfied appetite for intellectualism and for knowledge that has been unfulfilled by my work experience alone.

Giuseppe Colucci - Italian
EMILUX 3 2019-2020
Store manager flagship store Versace Milan Montenapoleone

My experience at EMiLUX was a highlight in my professional career. The program content was extremely helpful and offered something new and insightful. The professors were experienced, open and thoughtful. The guest speakers and the extra activities organized were completely connected to the overall program objectives and created a wonderful synergy.

Participants have been a great resource—excellent connections and opportunities to further and deepen working relationships.

EMiLUX a program to change your mind and inspire your work.

Adriana Bertolino - Italian
EMILUX 3 2019-2020
Sales Area Manager SEAO, GESSI - Singapore

Emilux is an executive education program where expectations are met at the highest level, which you can see as a crown that will attach to your entire career and experience.

It literally sheds light on your path with an experienced teaching team that clearly explains and shares the subtleties of the frequently changing luxury market strategies with the most innovative and creative structure.

Sermet Bugra Ucgul - Turkish
EMILUX 3 2019-2020
Boutique Director of Rome, Cartier

The luxury industry is full of opportunities and the psychology behind luxury product consumption is very well understood. Part of the value chain, however, is still unexploited and ripe for further improvements. Given my technical background and general managerial skills, my goal in joining EMiLUX is to strengthen my strategic and marketing understanding of the luxury world to help in the creation of additional value from idea to launch.

Valeria Borri Brunetto - Italian
EMiLUX 2017 - 2018

When you arrive to EMiLUX, you do not realize how close the friendships to your fellow students will become. After just a few sessions, you feel as if you have known these people for many years. The friendships and networks created with a high level of trust will endure for many years.

Henrik Björck - Swedish
EMiLUX 2017 - 2018

I am very proud to be part of EMiLUX. It is a complete, compelling and comprehensive Master where one is surrounded by future top leaders from all luxury industries while visiting main gateway business capitals of the world. Without any doubts, EMiLUX is an amazing professional life changing experience that will position you on the top range of luxury management professionals.

Tarek Al Hammoud - Lebanese
EMiLUX 2017 - 2018