EMiLUX and the new partnership with Cartier

An exclusive interview of Cyrille Vigneron, CEO and President of Cartier International and Gabriella Lojacono, Emilux Director at SDA Bocconi, that shares the insight of the new exclusive partnership that will host Emilux students for an entire module of the Master in Paris, where the executives of the international Maison will share their insights about crafting brand through arts and culture. We are pleased to continue to foster dialogues between the worlds of business and education.

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SDA Bocconi Emilux and the new partnership with Cartier
SDA Bocconi Emilux and the new partnership with Cartier
An Exciting Journey into the Luxury World

The EMiLUX is a unique opportunity to empower your career in the luxury business, also looking at it from different cultural perspectives and in different markets. 

Structure EMiLUX


Warm-Up | pre-courses online

Functional courses, delivered with distance learning formula, to deepen the fundamental disciplines of management and provide you with the basic tools to operate in the company and understand the logic of governance of corporate functions in the world of luxury: accounting, marketing, general management, entrepreneurship.

  • introduction to the luxury world - fundamentals
  • business modelling
  • competitive analysis
  • design thinking mindset and techniques

November 2022

December 2022

Start of the Program

In Distance Learning with Design Thinking Project with illy

10 January 2023


  • Arts & culture
  • Luxury values and heritage
  • Brand management & analysis
  • Trends & concepts of hard luxury
  • Luxury brand communication and semiotics


in partnership with

6 Feb 2023

10 Feb 2023

Module II: Dubai - Go to Market

  • Doing business in Middle East
  • International growth of luxury brands
  • Retail safari
  • Retail Technology: The Greenhouse, Chaloub 
  • Buying & Merchandising location decisions and KPIs
  • Country of origin


Hospitality tour at Dubai Mandarin Oriental Jumeira
Retail tour at Dubai mall and design district

13 Mar 2023

17 Mar 2023


  • The changing face of the luxury landscape
  • Cultural models of brand building
  • Understanding and managing brand identity
  • The growth challenge and key dilemmas
  • Creativity in luxury
  • Business models & strategy
  • The launch of entrepreneurial projects (EP)

8 May 2023

13 May 2023

Module IV: London - Approaching Customers with Luxury Services

  • The importance of storytelling
  • Digital transformation and the "connected store"
  • Fundamentals of great service
  • Understanding luxury service
  • Customer experience & recovery


Held in Dorchester Collection Academy
Retail tour at London department stores

26 June 2023

1 July 2023

Module V: Switzerland - Strategic Diagnosis and External Enviroment

  • Leadership seminar
  • Corporate governance in luxury companies
  • The new competitive landscape: India and Southeast Asia
  • Supply chain management & counterfeiting
  • Sustainability


Company visit to deepen the digitalization of operations and watch manufactory, La Chaux de Fonds and Maison des Metiers D'Art; visit at Cartier Head Quarters at Geneva to heighten the learning from commercial and retail functions and Neuchâtel.
Held at EHL Hospitality Business School.

11 Sept 2023

15 Sept 2023

Module VI: Roma - Managing Growth and Evaluation Performance

  • Corporate valuation
  • Financing growth
  • Data sources and decision making tools
  • HR & employer branding
  • A focus on Food & Beverage and Fashion 


Study tour in Tuscany and Roma

16 Oct 2023

20 Oct 2023

Module VII: Milano - New Frontiers & Looking Ahead

  • Social media & CRM in luxury
  • Luxury trademarks & design
  • New technologies (AI, augmented reality,..)
  • The future of luxury industries
  • A focus on Yatching, Beauty, Design, Automotive


Luxury tour automotive + Design and Beauty Tour

27 Nov 2023

1 Dec 2023

Final graduation ceremony

1 December 2023

Learning Model

Each course will start with a face-to-face residential session, continue online, and end with an exam in another face-to-face session. The first two modules are devoted to core courses that ensure a solid, common base. Other modules are dedicated to advanced courses.

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