SDA Bocconi, a new set-up to win the challenges of restarting

Dean announces team for the next two years


A new organization and new energies to hold on as a landmark in international managerial culture, even and especially in such a critical time for the life of individuals, companies and institutions. Dean Giuseppe Soda, recently confirmed at the helm of the School by the board of directors of Bocconi University, has announced a new organizational set-up for SDA effective from 2021 for the next two years. Several changes are going to affect both structure and leadership:


  • A new SDA Bocconi Online Learning Division has been created to comprise all online programs. This decision is consistent with demand, aligns SDA Bocconi with its main competitors and anticipates the actions set out in the 2021-25 Strategic Plan. Gabriele Troilo has long been active in developing and promoting SDA Bocconi’s online offer and will be in charge of the new Division. “The creation of SDA Bocconi Online Learning is clear evidence of the strategy the School intends to follow, in the next years, to become a relevant player not only in the domestic competitive environment but, also and above all, in the international one,” says Troilo.
  • Rossella Cappetta will be at the helm of the Open Programs Division, including managerial training courses for large, medium-size and small companies, banks and financial intermediaries as well as all initiatives aimed at individual professionals, such as one-to-one training, coaching and career service. “We will increasingly invest in rigorous and relevant training so as to substantially increase participants’ skills and help them with the great professional challenges they face”. In addition to that, the new director underlines, “we will launch a large lifelong-learning project, supporting managers and professionals in all the necessary transformations in their professional growth.”
  • Paola Cillo will take on leadership responsibility for research activities in the Claudio Dematté CFI Division, a strategic element nurturing our educational offer. “A key strength of SDA Bocconi’s research work is a constant and dialectic connection with the corporate world. This relationship has been and will always be at the heart of our faculty’s research. Besides focusing on the most challenging themes companies need to deal with, it aims at being rigorous and innovative in method and impact on our key counterparts’ business practices.”
  • Enzo Baglieri will serve in the role of Associate Dean for the Masters Division. “Investing time and resources in a Master’s program implies participants trust the School delivering it. You win trust when you fulfill the promises you make,” says the new coordinator. “SDA Bocconi’s masters do fulfill a great promise: we transform people. By the power of education, by the gentle revolution of competencies, by rigor in methods and passion for knowledge, without overlooking the distinctive features of an educational experience in Milano, our attention to emotions and care for human relationships.”
  • Finally, Markus Venzin will be in charge of ICE- Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Center. “ICE supports firms in tackling the challenges posed by digital and tech disruptions, by screening startups and internal ideas that have the potential to shape the evolution of their industries,” says Venzin.


A number of our leaders have been confirmed in their positions: David Bardolet, Associate Dean for SDA Bocconi Asia Center; Andrea Dossi, Associate Dean for the Faculty; Giampaolo Gabbi, Financial Institutions Custom Programs Director – Claudio Dematté Corporate and Financial Institutions Division; Rosanna Tarricone, Associate Dean for the Government, Health and Not for Profit Division; Giovanni Tomasi, Corporate Custom Programs Director - Claudio Dematté Corporate and Financial Institutions Division. The latter commented: “The challenges in the next years demand robust professionalism of the team I am proud to represent.”


SDA Bocconi School of Management

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