Markus Venzin

Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Governance


Latest publications

VENZIN M., KONERT E. The Disruption of the Infrastructure Industry in Disruption in the Infrastructure Sector S.Gatti (Eds),Springer, chap. 5, pp.149-168, 2020
VENZIN M., VIZZACCARO M., Rutschmann F. Making Mergers and Acquisitions Work Emerald Publishing Limited, , 2018
MARCHESINI G., VENZIN M. Serve ancora la strategia? Cinque approcci per pianificare in tempi di turbolenza in Business NeXT. Non è solo questione di tecnologie A.Beltratti, A.Bezzecchi (Eds),Egea, chap. 4, pp.83-104, 2018
VENZIN M. Are you exploiting your multinationality advantage? Economia & Management, 2016, no. 5-6, pp.12-19
VENZIN M., PIROTTI G. Resilient organizations. Responsible leadership in times of uncertainty Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Great Britain, 2016
Venzin M. The Prysmian story: building the nerves of the world Prysmian Internal Publication, , 2016

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