Career Service Team

We are a team of skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds – consulting, academia, headhunting, industry -  and a common passion to promote students' personal and professional development and to help recruiters find the right talent for their business needs.  Each of us specializes in a number of key industry sectors, managing relationships with top international recruiters and counseling students  who are considering a career in that industry.

Sabyne Moras

Career Service Coordinator

Giulia Zangrandi

- Strategy Consulting
- Financial Services

Daniela Leone

- Tech - E-business
- Food & Beverage

Alfredo Llovet

- Healthcare/Agribusiness
- Automotive/Aerospace/Aviation - Industrial Goods
- Oil & Gas - Transportation & Logistics

Zaneta Motkowicz

- Boutique Consulting
- Nonprofit
- Travel & Arts

Joanna Bubilek

- Luxury, Retail and Fashion

Stefania Tosini

- Office support and events
- Training coordination


Simone Consonni

- Exchange Program
- Student Clubs
- Events

Oriana Ghinato

- Internship Program Management

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