Master's in Business Administration | SDA Bocconi Business School

I would like to say thank you very much for the opportunity to study abroad at SDA Bocconi. I have had an amazing experience with a group of warm, talented and intelligent classmates and faculty members. This past three month have definitely inspired me and enriched my MBA experience.

Jodie So Yee Cheung
Incoming Exchange Student 2019 - The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my time at SDA Bocconi. The faculty, staff and students were extremely welcoming and made me feel at home immediately . I found the classes to be engaging in a different way than they are at my home school. It makes me think I should have considered SDA Bocconi when applying to business schools!

Andrew Fredrickson
Incoming Exchange Student 2019 - Duke's Fuqua School of Business

The MBA at SDA Bocconi has been a life-changing experience that has challenged my thinking, pushed my limits and transformed me personally and professionally.
There is a tremendous amount of professionalism in everything that happens both in and out of the classroom, with Career Service ready to support you in every step of this amazing journey.

Andrea Arobio - Italian
MBA 2018
Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group - Italy

The MBA at SDA Bocconi was fundamental in providing me with the tools, knowledge and networking opportunities, I needed to change country and industry.
The whole experience has enriched me both professionally and personally, allowing me to work with and learn from brilliant peers from all over the world.

Giulia Bar - Italian
MBA 2018
Account Executive Aspire, Microsoft, Italy

The MBA at SDA Bocconi was incredible! There was a good balance between lecture & case-based method of teaching that has allowed me to get to know different industries and develop the skill set I need to pursue my career goals. Aside from academics, the structure of the program has helped me improve my leadership & teamwork skills and expand my international network. Furthermore, the rigor of the program and career services had prepared me well for my internship despite having no prior background in the industry; after my internship, the company offered me a place in their international Leadership Development program, which I gladly accepted!

Scott Dreuben Ponce - Philippine
MBA 2018
Field Force Effectiveness Leader, Leadership Development Program – Werfen, Germany

The MBA is often described as a life changing program. This is certainly true!
I am proud to be part of the Bocconi community consisting of such a strong and powerful network.
SDA Bocconi’s curriculum and classmates from 32 different nationalities made this experience so unique. Additional career trainings and intense case cracking sessions challenged my way of thinking to solve complex problems.
This roller coaster journey led me to the decision of changing my previous career path from investment banking to the technology industry.
SDA Bocconi’s MBA is a good example where success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Steffen Schlicht - German
MBA 2018
Business Development Global Clients, Facebook, Germany

The Full-Time MBA program at SDA Bocconi helped me radically change my industry and opened the way to a new role and experience thanks to the opportunity to join the leadership program at Cargill. No doubt, this investment of time, money, and all the 'extra miles' of an MBA was worth it!

Dmitry Dobrynin - Russian
MBA 2018
Business Development Lead, Cargill, Russia

SDA Bocconi gave me a great platform to make the famed triple jump - change geography, industry and function. With an all-round academic experience and professors who are always available to advice and share, you have all the tools you need to make the change. The experiences with my classmates, the alumni network and a global mindset are my biggest take-aways.

Jaikrishnaa Rao - Indian
MBA 2018
Operations Manager, Amazon, UK

The relatively small size of the class helps in creating an intensive and intimate learning environment where your peers, through study groups and interactions, become part of your extended family.

Angad Ajgaonkar - Indian
MBA 2017

The international and dynamic class ensures that students expand their horizons by learning from each other.
I believe that it is absolutely crucial not only for personal development, but also for professional development in a world becoming more and more global.

Songlee Choi - South Korean
MBA 2017

Either you want to change your industry, have an international experience or increase your managerial skills, Bocconi is a great fit.
My MBA wasn’t just business and economics, it was a mix of experiences that shaped the way I see the world, the industry and my professional goals. Between daily classes, constant group projects, a multicultural group of classmates, business case competitions and the school-organized trips, you won’t stop! But you will for sure improve as a person and a professional.
“Life depends on how you approach it, and happiness on your capacity to adapt”.

Andrea Brillembourg - Venezuelan
MBA 2017

The SDA Bocconi MBA program empowered me to develop a more strategic and business oriented approach through a unique international learning environment.

The program perfectly complemented my professional experience and positively changed my career aspirations as expected. Faculty and classmate interactions immensely influenced my professional mindset and development of leadership skills, necessary to pursue a global managerial role.

We had the opportunity to interact and learn firsthand from CEOs and leaders from different industries through the “Leadership Series,” a unique complement to our managerial education.

I thank everyone for an unforgettable experience, a true highlight in my academic and personal development. Now I am certain that I am better prepared for upcoming managerial challenges that will require a broadened professional background and a global mindset.

Bruno Faidutti - Ecuadorian/Italian
MBA 2017

Doing the MBA at SDA Bocconi gave me opportunity to live in such an international city as Milano, where I enjoyed my passion for football and fully shared amazing experiences with new friends from different parts of the globe. Additionally, due to its location I was able to not only visit other Italian cities but also travel around Europe very easily.

Matteo Gaston - Argentinian
MBA 2017

Milano is the heart of Europe and such a vibrant city, through which you can reach the west and the east, experience the modern and the ancient, live the fast and the slow. It is a place where once you have been, you would always dream to come back.

Pan Li - Chinese
MBA 2017

SDA Bocconi gave me the unique opportunity to immerse myself in a melting pot of cultures, to learn another way of thinking about things, and to share my passion for Italy while following my dreams.

Mariana Lopardo - Argentinian
MBA 2017

The MBA is built on two different challenges made for our growth: one is the academic and the other is the personal. In the latter, we learn on a full-time basis with a special group of 100 people from completely different parts of the world, walks of life and experiences. All this with the support of a great staff of prepared professors that are always willing to counsel, hear and advise.

Paula Monteiro de Freitas - Brazilian
MBA 2017

This economic powerhouse in the heart of Europe is one of few cities able to intertwine history and vanguard, tradition and innovation.
It is a city of art and business, energy and inspiration.

Carmen Norero - Chilean/Italian
MBA 2017

The LBM Concentration afforded me unique opportunities, both in Italy and abroad, that will remain highlights of my SDA Bocconi MBA.
In Florence and Rome we got an inside look at some world-renowned luxury companies, from haute couture to private yachts.
I never would have had this experience if it weren’t for the school’s vast network within the luxury industry and its ideal location in the fashion epicenter of the world.

Sara Truax - American
MBA 2017

Pursuing my MBA in Italy has given me a rich cultural experience that has opened up a completely new dimension of my life.
Not only in business, but with everything else this country has to offer: history, art, food, and the people.
Being able to immerse myself into the Italian lifestyle has transformed the way I experience the world.

Anthony Verutti - American
MBA 2017

My reason for undertaking the MBA was to become a confident and competent member of a senior leadership team. I knew I had gaps in my technical knowledge that needed to be filled, and I felt SDA Bocconi to be a serious institution where I could learn. I am happy to say that the teaching was as good as I hoped. What I did no't anticipate was the value of learning alongside a fantastic group of people who are just as committed to their personal development, and who have become a vital part of deciding what to do next in my life.

Peter White - English
MBA 2017