My career goals flow from two fundamental beliefs, first, the marriage of business and welfare traditionally has few takers. However, if history is any guide, both are equally important for development of human race. And secondly, the world is changing at a blinding pace and at every turn and twist of the change, Darwin's principle of survival of the fittest, has been confirmed. Those that survive are those that adapt. Of all thing I have learnt during this MBA, the most useful skills I have inherited are collaboration, compassion, and agility to tackle the blinding pace of the disruptive changes of today. I'm not sure what is out there for us in near future but I'm very sure that in long-term, we all are set to make an impact in society and lead the change.

Swapnil Kashyap - Indian
MBA 2020
Implementing COVID 19 Crisis Management strategies together. Living far from my family and friends under such circumstances hasn't been easy but I find some of the best aspects of the Full-Time MBA at SDA Bocconi have become even more salient in difficult times.
At the top of that list is our program director. Professor Daveri has always been accessible and light-hearted while taking very seriously his mission to guide and protect the value of the program. It was clear from the early days of this crisis how much he cared about each of us and wanted to find ways to support us from his home in Milano. He is now more accessible than ever, always ready to hear our concerns or just to say hello, with updates from his family and his two maine coons. I realized just how unusual and wonderful such access is during a virtual meeting, when Professor Daveri reminded us that he was available at a moment's notice since he was almost always at his computer and had, in fact, just been writing a piece for Corriere della Sera. 
Other moments--like when Professor Ariela Caglio opened our online Performance Management class with Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now"--our first virtual happy hour, which we branded "aperiti(vide)o"--the air kisses I threw to a classmate from his third floor window when I went to get groceries--these are the moments that have celebrated remotely, that we will remember when we meet again, and that will define us for years to come. COVID-19 doesn't stop us from having these moments; it inspires us to savor them when they come along.
The next few months are uncertain but I believe that the effort I'm investing now to overcome the challenges imposed by COVID-19 will only strengthen my position in a job market that values empathy, flexibility, and resilience. I'm proud to be part of a community that isn't stopping in the face of these challenges but is committed to advancing through them, together.
Taylor Arno - American
MBA 2020


Implementing COVID 19 Crisis Management strategies together. Despite the original decree being released over the weekend mandating schools and universities be closed Bocconi was up and running by Monday morning with online live classes at 8:30 am sharp. We are learning to be resilient business leaders in more ways we could have ever imagined and continue to be flexible leveraging technology as the world navigates this tricky time. 
One way we are all working to stay connected is through a new term we've coined "aperitivideo" where you grab a glass of wine from wherever you are in the world and join your fellow MBA classmates on video chat. It will never make up for not being in our beloved city of Milan together but it keeps us sane and connected from wherever we are in the world!
Jennifer Mellace - American
MBA 2020

I would like to say thank you very much for the opportunity to study abroad at SDA Bocconi. I have had an amazing experience with a group of warm, talented and intelligent classmates and faculty members. This past three month have definitely inspired me and enriched my MBA experience.

Jodie So Yee Cheung
Incoming Exchange Student 2019 - The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my time at SDA Bocconi. The faculty, staff and students were extremely welcoming and made me feel at home immediately . I found the classes to be engaging in a different way than they are at my home school. It makes me think I should have considered SDA Bocconi when applying to business schools!

Andrew Fredrickson
Incoming Exchange Student 2019 - Duke's Fuqua School of Business

The program lasts 15 months, but its impact reaches far beyond that. Thanks to Bocconi, I was able to achieve my dream of working for a major multinational abroad, ultimately changing countries, industries and functions. The school offers excellent exposure to global companies and career paths and boasts a dedicated Career Services team.

Claire Meyer - American
MBA 2019
Global Sourcing Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev - Zug, Switzerland

The MBA at SDA Bocconi was fundamental in providing me with the tools, knowledge and networking opportunities, I needed to change country and industry.
The whole experience has enriched me both professionally and personally, allowing me to work with and learn from brilliant peers from all over the world.

Giulia Bar - Italian
MBA 2018
Industry Executive K12, Libraries and Museums at Microsoft

The MBA at SDA Bocconi was incredible! There was a good balance between lecture & case-based method of teaching that has allowed me to get to know different industries and develop the skill set I need to pursue my career goals. Aside from academics, the structure of the program has helped me improve my leadership & teamwork skills and expand my international network. Furthermore, the rigor of the program and career services had prepared me well for my internship despite having no prior background in the industry; after my internship, the company offered me a place in their international Leadership Development program, which I gladly accepted!

Scott Dreuben Ponce - Philippine
MBA 2018
Field Force Effectiveness Leader, Leadership Development Program – Werfen, Germany

The MBA is often described as a life changing program. This is certainly true!
I am proud to be part of the Bocconi community consisting of such a strong and powerful network.
SDA Bocconi’s curriculum and classmates from 32 different nationalities made this experience so unique. Additional career trainings and intense case cracking sessions challenged my way of thinking to solve complex problems.
This roller coaster journey led me to the decision of changing my previous career path from investment banking to the technology industry.
SDA Bocconi’s MBA is a good example where success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Steffen Schlicht - German
MBA 2018
Client Partnership Manager at Facebook

The Full-Time MBA program at SDA Bocconi helped me radically change my industry and opened the way to a new role and experience thanks to the opportunity to join the leadership program at Cargill. No doubt, this investment of time, money, and all the 'extra miles' of an MBA was worth it!

Dmitry Dobrynin - Russian
MBA 2018
Business Development Lead, Cargill, Russia

SDA Bocconi gave me a great platform to make the famed triple jump - change geography, industry and function. With an all-round academic experience and professors who are always available to advice and share, you have all the tools you need to make the change. The experiences with my classmates, the alumni network and a global mindset are my biggest take-aways.

Jaikrishnaa Rao - Indian
MBA 2018
Operations Manager, Amazon, UK

The MBA at SDA Bocconi has been a life-changing experience that has challenged my thinking, pushed my limits and transformed me personally and professionally.
There is a tremendous amount of professionalism in everything that happens both in and out of the classroom, with Career Service ready to support you in every step of this amazing journey.

Andrea Arobio - Italian
MBA 2018
Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group - Italy

My name is Eric Bowler, I am an alumnus of SDA Bocconi – MBA 2018. I chose to do an MBA because I was looking to make a career and geographical change and I believed than an MBA would equip me with the skills and experience necessary to attempt such a transition. I am an engineer by background and my prior experience was working in the durable consumer goods industry but after some years, I discovered my real passion is in energy and infrastructure. I believed that I could make a substantial contribution to society by helping to allocate capital to sustainable infrastructural projects and therefore I wanted to break into infrastructural finance. I am also American and married to an Italian and after a few years of living in the United States we decided that we would try living in Italy. SDA Bocconi was an easy selection. The school offers the top ranked MBA program in Italy and one of the highest ranked in Europe. The school is also particularly known globally for its strong background in economics and finance and the MBA Director at the time, Prof. Stefano Gatti, is a world-renowned expert in infrastructural finance. Through my studies, I was very impressed with the availability and attention that professors such as Prof. Gatti gave to students as well as the mentioning and support that I personally received. Furthermore, the brand recognition of SDA Bocconi in Italy is superb and I find the Alumni network (which after more than 43 years of operations, is quite extensive) to be very open and supportive. Today, I work for F2i SGR which is an Italian Investment Management firm that specializes in infrastructure investments in the Italian market, in fact it is the largest private investor in Italian infrastructure. Infrastructure brings enormous benefits to society; indeed it enables the modern life that we live. The companies that F2i SGR has invested in provide healthcare services, transportation for passengers and goods, energy, water and internet to millions of individuals. This value is tangible and, in this case, local – as both SDA Bocconi and the investments of F2i SGR serve Italy. I can say that looking back, I was rather naïve about such a radical transition in career and geography and it is in no way an embellishment to state that this transition would not have been possible without SDA Bocconi.

Eric Bowler - American
MBA 2018
Strategy & Business Development Manager at F2i SGR Spa

My name is Cindy Gallin and I am a 31 years old business professional. Originally from New York, USA, I was previously working in FinTech as a product consultant before deciding I didn’t see my career developing at the pace I wanted. I also felt like my knowledge base on the fundamentals of running a business was quite limited, and I wanted to fast track myself to general management. An MBA seemed like the obvious choice.


My criteria for an MBA were quite specific: an internationally diverse, small class where both my professors and my peers would be my teachers. I wanted a school that was sufficiently well connected with recruiters and ranked as a top 10 program so I would have the best chance of successfully making the “triple switch.” SDA Bocconi met all my criteria.


The program did not let me down. SDA Bocconi delivered on building a diverse group of 100 talented candidates, a quality education, and a strong network of companies from near and far. The experience changed my life in that it taught me the power of my own voice and ideas, and with a bit of coaching from colleagues and professors, I could tackle any business challenge put in front of me.


While the learning may have happened in the classroom, much of the growth came from what was experienced outside the core curriculum. One particularly enlightening moment was when approximately 40% of our class travelled to Barcelona for an intra-MBA sports competition. I was on the women’s soccer team, and despite a small squad and numerous injuries, we made it to the finals against schools 10x our size. Despite the setbacks, we had the talent, tactics, perseverance, and heart to push to the final. That moment taught me what it means to be committed, drive for excellence, and think of roadblocks as opportunities to find a better path. These are lessons that have been exceedingly helpful in my post MBA career.


Now I can proudly say that I have made the coveted triple switch, using SDA Bocconi as my pivot point. I am currently a Commercial Excellence Director at a global security firm, and I have also been a member of the Executive Committee for the past 18 months. I am based in Milan but I manage a global team and get to lead interdisciplinary projects I could have only dreamed of being a part of 5 years ago. I have a direct impact on the efficiency and profitability of the company. I have also been able to pay it forward to SDA Bocconi by offering employment to 4 MBAs in later intake classes.


I wouldn’t change a thing.

Cindy Gallin - American
MBA 2017
Commercial Excellence Program Lead at PRÆSIDIAD