The Healthcare sector has always been an industry very open towards MBA profiles: it is not only represented by the main pharmaceutical companies who offer MBA Leadership Programs, but also by top medium and small size consulting firms providing professional services and solutions to main players the industry. With the growing need of digitalization, AI and connectivity from the healthcare providers within the market, there are increasing opportunities within bio-tech and health-tech start-ups.

Getting aware of this important MBA employment sector through a multitude of networking opportunities in fundamental to increase your personal brand and credibility, especially for career switchers. A strong commercial awareness or a proven business finance background are much appreciated but not mandatory. On top, customer orientation, cross-functional, innovation, integrity and leadership skills are competences that the industry is looking for their future Managers.

Type of functions: Finance, Marketing, Digital, Branding, Field force effectiveness, Product Marketing, New Business Development, Customer Management, Operations consulting, Strategy Consulting

Potential MBA Recruiters:

SDA MBA Alumni in Healthcare:

  • Flavia Tempesti – Global Marketing Manager Tricuspid Therapies, Abbott, USA
  • Carlotta Benfenati - Business Intelligence Manager, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), Italy
  • Violetta Siokou - Senior Finance Partner for Global Quality at GSK, UK
  • Akash Nayak – Principal, Strategy and M&A at Alira Health, US
  • Arsalan Azmat – JUMP Leadership Program Novartis, Switzerland