Strategy Consulting

Strategy consultants advise organizations on high-level decisions, working across every industry and function. Complex organizations rely on strategy consulting advice to support their decision-making process. Working as a consultant requires effort and flexibility, at the same time it is a huge network and knowledge builder. Consultants work in a wide variety of industries, specialties and locations, always exposed to top managers and corporate directors. The variety of business solutions your team will be required to come up with and the industries you will exposed to will create an invaluable career experience. Strategy consulting is one of the most competitive industries, and business case interviews are intense and demanding; you will have to demonstrate strong skills such as: analytics and business acumen, interpersonal communication, time management and flexibility. Each strategy-consulting firm offers very similar services; however, each company offers its own unique market expertise and opportunities for your professional growth.

Potential MBA Recruiter:

SDA MBA Alumni in Strategy Consulting:

  • Virve Tulamo - Consultant at Bain, USA


  • Melih Kalkan - Consultant at BCG, Turkey


  • Luigi Quindici Cataldo - Junior Associate, McKinsey, Italy


  • Patrick-Cesar Accaoui - Associate at Strategy &, UAE