Career Services for Companies

Companies have a variety of ways to interact with our MBA candidates, on and off campus. All our services are flexible, available throughout the year, free of charge, and delivered with passion and high quality standards.

On-Campus Activities
  • Company Presentations: held in dedicated afternoon slots and normally followed by a recruiting process for an internship or full time position


  • Job Interviews and Assessments: can take place on our School's premises, with the organizational support of Career Services


  • Networking Events: include a few selected recruiters from the same industry in an informal lunch or cocktail where they can interact with students one-to-one or in small groups


  • Club Activities: a great way to work directly with students and participate in a round table or seminar to discuss specific business issues


  • Business Case Discussions: company executives partner with the MBA Faculty to challenge the class with real-life business problems
Off-Campus Activities
  • Career Services Online Portal: after registering on our online portal, recruiters can post a job, search the CV database, collect candidates’ applications, or email them directly, with or without the support of Career Services.


  • Job Postings: during the internship and permanent recruiting waves, Career Services coordinates job-postings, publishes job offers, and supports companies in the interview and selection processes.


  • CV Book and Online CV Database: Companies can select candidates for interviews directly from the CV book, online or offline. The CV book provides a one-page snapshot of each candidate by highlighting their value proposition. It is downloadable in full from the Career Services online platform, or available as a hard copy, free of charge.


  • Company Visits: many international recruiters prefer to host students for on-site visits at their premises rather than travel to business school campuses. Career Services can arrange career treks and company visits with selected groups of students who have a specific interest in the recruiter's business or industry.


  • Individual Internships and Group Projects: individual internships – 3-6 month in-company projects – take place from June onwards and are a hands-on opportunity for companies to put an MBA talent to the test in their organization’s environment, and for students to apply their professional and personal skills to a strategic project. Individual internships are usually coordinated by a company manager. Career Services can support the communication of internship project opportunities as well as set up the selection process, and create the perfect match between company needs and candidate profiles.
    Group Business Labs (mini-consulting group projects with select companies) are also available to students and select companies, while participants may also opt to expand their own business ideas through an Entrpreneurial Project.


  • Employer Branding through Sponsorships: companies can greatly enhance their employer brand quality and visibility with different sponsorship opportunities. One option is to sponsor a full or partial scholarship and select a suitable candidate in collaboration with the Admissions Office. Alternatively, they can sponsor club initiatives or other extra-curricular activities organized by SDA Bocconi’s MBA students at a local or global level: round tables, business presentations, workshops, inter-school competitions, sports events, charity events, and cultural initiatives.