Industrial Goods is a very broad industry which includes diverse areas: energy and O&G, construction, packaging, transportation, chemicals and mechanical engineering companies who are currently facing business and digital transformation with a constant need of bright MBA students to help on strategic challenges.

Many industrial big corporations have a European office in countries like Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy, and there is an increasing interest from these companies in hiring talented international students with a consolidated industrial background combining technical skills with the knowledge and strategic vision acquired throughout the MBA Program.

Potential MBA Recruiters:

SDA MBA Alumni in Industrial Goods:

  • Mohamad Yassine - Product Manager at Kerakoll Group, Italy
  • Giovanni Causapruno - Business Innovation Manager at SDF Group, Italy
  • Ranieri Brandani - Global Senior Product Manager at Hilti Group, Liechtenstein
  • Guruprasad Sivakumar - Marketing Healthcare, Consumer and Environment Cluster at Solvay, Italy