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Boutique Consulting

Although there is no established definition of a boutique (also called “niche”) consulting firm, people refer to it to mean a highly specialized consulting firm, or a small consulting firm, or combination of both. One can also say that niche/Boutique Consulting Firms are often single-industry, single-region or single-methodology focused. They can focus on strategy, operations, implementation or a combination of strategy and implementation. Some examples of a niche/ specialism include: brand strategy, digital transformation, sales effectiveness, strategy design, turnaround, HR and learning & development strategy, analytics. Candidates with previous background in management consulting, or in an in-house consulting role are very welcome. Boutique consulting firms are also on the lookout for candidates with a solid experience within a particular industry or a functional area, since their knowledge and competencies can be directly applied in a niche consultancy. For example, someone with a passion and experience in digital product management can apply their skills in a niche firm delivering solutions around digital transformation. A boutique consultancy can offer a very rewarding career path with lots of exposure, a more intimate environment, flat structure and a fast career progression and a good work-life balance.

Potential MBA Recruiters:

SDA MBA Alumni in Boutique Consulting:

  • Craig Cisero - Associate Director at frog design, Italy


  • Maria Dolman - MBA Strategy Consulting Intern at Interbrand, Italy


  • Jillian Zarro - Senior Consultant at emergn, USA


  • Paolo Azzarro - Associate at Capco, Switzerland