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Published for the first time in the fall of 1998, the International Journal of Arts Management has quickly become essential reading for the arts management community. All papers are subject to a double blind refereeing process.


Each issue is approximately 100 pages in length and covers a wide range of topics and viewpoints of direct interest to academics and practitioners. All articles meet the highest standards of intellectual rigour.


This section provides information on the specific aims of the Journal, on the editor and his editorial board. We invite you to take a look at previous issues; links are provided to tables of contents and abstracts.


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Journal Information

IJAM is a non-profit project, published by HEC Montréal’s Carmelle and Rémi Marcoux Chair in Arts Management in partnership with SDA Bocconi, Arts And Culture Knowledge Center.

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  • IJAM is published 3 times a year, in fall, winter and spring.
  • ISSN: 1480-8986


  • Offers insight into management processes, and the ways in which arts organizations operate within the various disciplines of management, including marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, production and operation processes, and administration;
  • Identifies and encourages the development of best practices in the management of culture and the arts, and promotes their use through the publication of case studies and analyses; Addresses current issues of key relevance to cultural and arts organizations in a rigorous and detailed fashion;
  • Presents studies, measurements, and other empirical research in the field of arts and cultural management;
  • Provides a forum for challenging and debating coherent theories and models, as well as their application in cultural and arts practice.

Contributors’ guidelines

The International Journal of Arts Management (IJAM) is dedicated to advancing theory and practice in the arts management field. Published for the first time in the fall of 1998, IJAM has quickly become globally essential reading for the arts management community.


All manuscripts submitted to IJAM are subject to a double-blind refereeing process. IJAM Editorial team takes pride in our rigorous review process. Although the Journal strives for rigor, it also seeks to provide quality service to our contributors. Operationally, this means IJAM tries to offer high-quality, timely feedback. The standard time for full peer review is typically less than 90 days from receipt of a manuscript to the first Editor’s decision. If our internal editorial review concludes a manuscript is not suitable for full peer review, then we usually have a decision for authors within 14 days after submission of a manuscript.


IJAM encourages submissions from both scholars and practitioners. Regardless of the affiliations of authors, readers value research informed by practice and practice informed by research. The Journal also encourages scholars and practitioners to consider co-authorship as a means for co-producing relevant, timely, and quality research.


IJAM welcomes original manuscripts for its four main sections:

  • IJAM Research Papers
  • IJAM Case Studies
  • IJAM Book Reviews
  • IJAM Practitioners’ Perspectives

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AIMAC Conference

"The International Association of Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC) is an international network of researchers in arts and cultural management. The Association’s main activity is a biennial research conference held in various cities around the world. Knowledge in the discipline of arts management cannot develop without the contributions of both researchers and practitioners. Through its conferences, AIMAC provides a forum for the exchange of insights and perspectives in this field of study. It offers researchers the opportunity to present the results of their most recent research, to discuss ideas face-to-face and to learn about the latest developments in cultural management. The International Association of Arts and Cultural Management also participates in the publication of the International Journal of Arts Management. Over the years, international conferences on arts and culture management have brought together more than 1,500 researchers, academics, students and practitioners. The conferences allow participants to communicate their knowledge and to publicize the progress of research on several themes applied to the field of arts and culture management."


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