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Arts & Culture Knowledge Center

The Arts & Culture Knowledge Center of SDA Bocconi School of Management coordinates all the initiatives related to the management of arts and culture, develops relationships with key players in the cultural system at national and international level, generates knowledge and promotes managerial culture in the arts and cultural sector through professional and educational projects.

Why Arts & Culture

The Arts & Culture Knowledge Center is an international, independent and privileged center capable of generating knowledge and partnering with key players, engaged in policy and management decision-making process to improve the quality and the impact of cultural systems in Italy and abroad.

The arts and culture field involves a wide range of institutions in the public, private and not-for-profit sector, at local, regional, national and international level. As a consequence, arts and culture have a significant economic and social impact for individuals and communities. The knowledge is generated by combining different competencies in the management fields and dialoguing with key stakeholders and actors within the sector.

For all these reasons arts and culture deserve a dedicated approach, through which research and training have the chance to call people, companies and institutions into action.


The Arts & Culture Knowledge Center works with:


  • Cultural Organisations and Institutions (public and private)
  • Cultural Systems
  • Individuals

The Arts & Culture Knoledge Center bases its actions on three main methodological logics:

Analysis of major research, case studies, managerial practices about the economic and social dimensions of arts and culture.



The uniqueness of the Arts & Culture Knowledge Center lies in its specialized faculty, international network and long-lasting experience in the sector.

The Arts & Culture Knowledge Center aims at generating and disseminating knowledge to support the growth and development of the art and culture sector. It represents the ideal place where learning happens through a constant interaction between professionals and institutions, research projects and training opportunities.