Silvia Cinque

Leadership, Organization and Human Resources


Latest publications

CINQUE S., Nyberg D., Starkey K. ‘Living at the border of poverty’: How theater actors maintain their calling through narrative identity work Human Relations, 2020
CINQUE S., Nyberg D. Theatre’s radical potential: a study of critical performativity Culture and Organization, 2020, pp.1-17
Starkey K., Tempest S., CINQUE S. Management education and the theatre of the absurd Management Learning, 2019, vol.50, no. 5, pp.591-606
CINQUE S., SALVEMINI S. #MeToo: Nelle aziende la strada è ancora lunga Il Corriere della Sera, 2020

Grants & Honors

A grant to finance an International project on how the #MeToo movement has been impacting organizations at the level of language, policies and practices. - SDA Bocconi School of Management , 2020
A grant to finance a SDA Bocconi internal project to understand how the subject of "business ethics" is currently being perceived by the School, to what extent it is engaged by the School in relation to other global top business schools, and through which innovative methodologies can be taught today. - SDA Bocconi School of Management , 2020