Andrea Lanza

Marketing and Sales


Latest publications

LANZA A., SIMONE G., LUBERTO G. Il dilemma del rinnovatore nella gestione del Turnover Collettivo Economia & Management, 2020, no. 2, pp.60-65
LANZA A., Simone G. Strategic Human Capital. Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage Edward Elgar Publishing, Great Britain, 2020
LANZA A. Creare valore per i clienti business. Le nuove dinamiche competitive nei mercati B2B Egea, Milano, Italy, 2019
LANZA A. Customer centricity e innovator eccentricity in Marketing. Una disciplina fantastica B. Busacca, M. Costabile(Ed), Egea, pp.319-328, 2018
Cattani G., Ferriani S., LANZA A. Deconstructing the Outsider Puzzle: The Legitimation Journey of Novelty Organization Science, 2017, vol.28, no. 6, pp.965-992
LANZA A., Simone G., Bruno R. Resource orchestration in the context of knowledge resources acquisition and divestment. The empirical evidence from the Italian “Serie A” football European Management Journal, 2016, vol.34, no. 2, pp.145-157

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How to create value for business customers
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COMPETENZE PER VENDERE Ricercare e acquisire nuovi clienti
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  • 6 weeks
  • 3-4 hours
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  • Italian
  • 400 €

The program will help you identify real customers, understand their needs and preferences, and communicate in an effective manner to establish lasting and profitable relationships.