Andrea Lanza

Marketing and Sales


Latest publications

LANZA A., ROSCIO A. M. Responsabilità sociale, sostenibilità ambientale e rating ESG nelle PMI italiane Economia & Management, 2022, no. 3, pp.77-.84
LANZA A., SIMONE G., LUBERTO G. Il dilemma del rinnovatore nella gestione del Turnover Collettivo Economia & Management, 2020, no. 2, pp.60-65
LANZA A., Simone G. Strategic Human Capital. Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage Edward Elgar Publishing, Great Britain, 2020
LANZA A. Creare valore per i clienti business. Le nuove dinamiche competitive nei mercati B2B Egea, Milano, Italy, 2019
LANZA A. Customer centricity e innovator eccentricity in Marketing. Una disciplina fantastica B. Busacca, M. Costabile(Ed), Egea, pp.319-328, 2018
Cattani G., Ferriani S., LANZA A. Deconstructing the Outsider Puzzle: The Legitimation Journey of Novelty Organization Science, 2017, vol.28, no. 6, pp.965-992

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How to create value for business customers
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Competenze per vendere Ricercare e acquisire nuovi clienti
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  • 6 weeks
  • 3-4 hours
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  • Italian
  • 400 €

The program will help you identify real customers, understand their needs and preferences, and communicate in an effective manner to establish lasting and profitable relationships.