Masters in Healthcare Management, Full Time Master | SDA Bocconi

Third term

In the 3rd term of the MIHMEP (although some courses may be offered in the 2nd term) you are required to choose one of three specializations, for a total of 120 hours. Each one is handled by a specific advisor from the MIHMEP faculty, helping facilitate the work of the MIHMEP Director in coordinating the specialization tracks, and acting as mentor for the students.


The specializations, with their respective advisors, are:


Global Health & Development

This specialization aims to analyze global health issues as they emerge from the tighter connections between globalization, development, and health.

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Health Care Management

This specialization prepares you to face strategic challenges and hot issues that arise in the political and social environment of health organizations and institutions.

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Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology

This specialization aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge and competencies to successfully enter both this sector and consulting firms.

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In its 20th edition, the MIHMEP will further expand its coverage of new and emerging areas of the health sector, introducing classes and seminars on health insurances and medical tourism. They are both very dynamic and rapidly developing areas worldwide, and new skills and competences are needed, such as big data and intelligence management, business modeling, network governance, and many more.


Choosing a specialization is mandatory.


In addition to the chosen specialization, you have to choose elective courses from other specializations. The choice of these additional courses can be based on your individual interests and future career goals.


After completing the MIHMEP, you will be awarded the Master as well as a certificate indicating the specialization you completed. This can strengthen your application for a specific position, or can simply be proof of an additional/specific qualification. However, you won’t be bound to job openings in your specialization only. The MIHMEP prepares you for a wide range of opportunities.


You will participate in the Specialization Day (in November), where you will listen to presentations from 3 advisors to make the right choice regarding your specialization courses.