Lucrezia Songini

Curriculum Vitae

Lucrezia Songini is Affiliate Professor of Accounting and Control at SDA Bocconi School of Management. She is Adjunct Professor of Accounting and Control in SMEs at Bocconi University and Full Professor of Business Administration at Eastern Piedmont University, Novara. Rector’s delegate for Third Mission and Social Impact, Eastern Piedmont University. Director of the Linguistic Center and of the Interuniversity Centre for Studies on Family Business. Member of the Nucleo di Valutazione (Independent Evaluation Unit – NdV) of University of Insubria.

At SDA Bocconi, she is Coordinator for the course Exectuive Programme in Planning and Control. She was responsible for the editorial series of the Administration and Control from 1995 to 2006. She was the Coordinator of the course the course of Finance for non-finance manager from 2010 to 2018, of the course Managerial Control for SMEs from 2007 to 2009 and of the Evening Course Accounting and Managerial Control form 1995 to 2006. She conducted research, training and consulting projects, for many enterprises and institutions, on managerial control systems, performance measurement systems, social balance sheet, sustainability and integrated reporting, cost management, after sales and servitization in manufacturing firms, managerialization and professionalization of SMEs and family business.

Her research activities focus on strategic planning, and managerial control systems in family businesses and small and medium sized enterprises, strategic cost management, performance measurement, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, servitization in manufacturing companies.

She is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject. Her works have been published in Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Management and Govennance, Journal of Family Business Strategy,Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Managementand, Economia & Management among the others.She is the National Representative for Italy in the Board of the European Academy of Management (EURAM) and the Past Chair of the Strategic Interest Group Entrepreneurship at the European Academy of Management and chair of the standing track Accounting and control for sustainability. She is member of the editorial and review board of Journal of Management and Governance and member of the scientific committee of Management control. Winner of the award for the best paper, “Professor Emeritus Alden G. Lank Research Award 2003” by Family Business Consulting Group, and of the award for the best case study “Caso dell’anno 2007”, sponsored by Bocconi School of Management.Certificate of excellence in reviewing, Journal of Family Business Strategy, Elsevier (2013).

Lucrezia earned a Degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University. She is married, and has a daughter and a son.