Internationalization of businesses and tax culture: The primary mission of the OFC - Accounting and Tax Policy Monitor, which is part of the SDA Bocconi Performance Lab, is innovation in the areas of economics and finance.

OFC’s primary objective is to perform studies and research on accounting and tax regulation on an international and European level within the framework of the corporate internationalization process that is currently taking place.


In an increasingly globalized world, general managers and finance directors, government officials and professionals at tax advisory firms, are constantly being called upon to form networks and keep themselves up-to-date at a worldwide level. In this regard, the OFC Monitor supports them in comparing the Italian system with the systems used in other countries, in Europe and the world.

Thanks to its activities, SDA Bocconi reinforces its relationships with the best centers of excellence throughout the world on this subject, and delves into the principal areas of focus and the most important trends in Italian accounting and taxation.