Reputation and Diversity confirm SDA Bocconi’s GEMBA in the world top 10

The QS Global Executive MBA Ranking 2022 is online


Standing firmly in the global Top Ten again this year, the Rotman - SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) is in 10th place worldwide among Joint Programs, run by different partner business schools, according to the prestigious QS Executive MBA Ranking.

The confirmation of GEMBA’s excellent performance is mainly due to two “driving” indicators: its Academic and Among Companies Reputation, which is the indicator with the highest percentage weight in the ranking (30 percent) – where it scores 91.3 out of 100, almost 15 points above the average rating; and Diversity of participants, where it ranks 4th with a score of 77.7.

The rating for Reputation Among Companies (Employer Reputation) is based on the QS Global Employer Survey, which asks a large number of companies from different industries, sizes and regions which business schools they prefer as sources of recruitment, and weights the answers differently according to the field of reference. For Academic Reputation, on the other hand, every year surveys ask tens of thousands of academics worldwide to name specific universities and business schools that they think conduct cutting-edge research.

As for Diversity, it is assessed considering the participants’ different nationalities – nearly 20 for our GEMBA – as well as the percentage of women – 35 percent. Both values are well above the average.

“The reason why our GEMBA program consistently receives excellent reputational feedback is because it simply delivers on its initial promise,” Global Executive MBA’s Director Ferdinando Pennarola, highlighted: “Learning must take place where the action is, at the heart of business. Visiting different countries with our residential modules, with a diverse and global-minded group of participants, makes the learning experience special”.

Launching its first edition in 2019, the Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA is designed for those working in international settings, and succeeds in developing effective synergies between the skills, peculiarities and perspectives of two leading management schools in North America and Europe, respectively. The program includes modules in some of the most important international business hubs, such as Milano, Copenhagen, Toronto, Shanghai, Mumbai, San Francisco and São Paulo.

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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