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The articles that make up the Dossier in this year's fourth issue of Economia&Management, "with a broad perspective and depth of analysis, help us understand the complexity of the issue and the challenges that still await us" on the theme of diversity & inclusion (from the editorial by editor-in-chief Fabrizio Perretti).

As recalled in various articles in the Dossier, organizations must be more decisive in making the commitment to manage and overcome the forms of discrimination present in the workplace through a new conceptualization of diversity, but also through the application of policies to enhance awareness among employees and adopt practices that are structural, and no longer sporadic. This commitment, though, must also be expanded, to involve European and national institutions, labor unions, and public administrations.

Particular attention has been paid to the theme of female inclusion and the need to adopt public policies as a driver of gender parity, for the development of female leadership also in the public administration, and to reduce the gender gap.

In addition to the Dossier, the magazine proposes two Focuses. The first, by Andrea Dossi, opens up interesting perspectives on the renewed centrality of accounting in the management of businesses. The second, by Vitaliano Fiorillo, describes some of the new challenges that entrepreneurs, managers, and technical experts in the agricultural sector must address to achieve efficient management of the entire value chain.

The issue is completed with the visual reading and the podcast on the evolution of remote selling and the processes of digitalization in the Sales area, and various articles by important authors on current and cutting-edge managerial issues.

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