Mar 2022 19:00 - 20:30 | CEST

Women in Cybersecurity: breaking down barriers | Specialized Cybersecurity Careers

Format Online
Language ENGLISH
Location Streaming

This series of panels is aimed at introducing the new generation of students to topics in cybersecurity and the unique challenges careers in this field can present, especially for women. While everyone is welcome, the panels will give a holistic perspective to inspire girls and women interested in technology and cybersecurity, straight from the mouth of leading women in the sector, who are often underrepresented.


The panel will discuss the possibilities for cybersecurity careers in a non-corporate environment, such as consulting, public policy, manufacturing, or tech environments. What can a career in these field entail, what can it offer, and what are the difficulties in joining one. We will hear the experience and advice of the panelists, and their opinions in what important skills to develop to pursue a career.


The event is free upon registration

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