Value-based Medtech: How to Succeed in a Challenging Environment

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Data inizio ott 14, 2024
Data fine ott 16, 2024
Durata 3 Giorni
Location Milano
Formato Class
Lingua Inglese
Prezzo (+ IVA) € 3.500

Questo programma è in lingua inglese.
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“New regulatory frameworks, changing competitive environment and evolving health needs: these are some of the most compelling challenges that stakeholders in the medical-device sector have to face. The course will explore the conditions and tools that can make the difference for succeeding in a rapidly evolving environment, bringing together solid experience in the sector both from the faculty and from international key opinion leaders.”


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Rosanna Tarricone

“The medical-device sector is experiencing continuous and rapid development. Keeping pace with advances in this complex ecosystem is essential to fostering innovation and, ultimately, improving patients’ health. The course will tackle the most urgent issues in this ever-changing environment, and will be an opportunity to share points of view and hands-on experience in an international context.”


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Ludovica Borsoi
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