Hire Young Managers with International Profiles

MAFED students come from more than 20 countries, speak several languages fluently, are typically between 25-27 years old, and have at least two years of work experience. They represent a great opportunity for companies in fashion, design, and experience who want to hire young talents with solid training.

Here’s what the companies that have worked with them say:


“It has been a pleasure for me to have the chance to mentor this new generation of future managers, with their lightness of being and fresh sense of purpose. In return, I found a fertile field of young and talented students who have not only the technical competence in marketing and finance, but above all the passion needed to succeed in highly creative industries. Joining the MAFED class has been a valuable experience for both parties.”

Valentina Colombo, Marketing & Communication Director - Acqua di Parma


“We first decided to take part in the SDA Bocconi MAFED field projects years ago. This kind of program is undoubtedly successful for students, for the university, and for companies. It represents an important activity we strongly believe in, and it is a privileged point of view for our company and at the same time for the education of students.

This project is the result of a willingness to innovate and a desire to present a new way to develop for a more sustainable perspective and for the future generations.”

Rossella Ravagli, Head of Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility Department - Gucci


“As an entrepreneur, the MAFED gave me the chance to craft the mind of future leaders in the fashion and design industry: I am thrilled by the opportunity to mentor bright students from all over the world. I’ve been a lecturer in a lot of international masters but this is for sure my favorite.”

Andrea Febbraio, ebuzzing Co-Founder and author of the book ‘Viral Video’


“Working with the MAFED in recent years has given us the opportunity to have better exposure with the world of luxury fashion brands. Student profiles are very balanced in terms of international exposure, level of expertise, age, attitude and flexibility, in order to make us work on focused projects useful for the business and be able to source young talents that satisfy our global approach.

The attitude of the MAFED in managing the relationship with us has been very customer-focused, and has anticipated our requests and met our needs!”

Benedetta Zegna, Talent Management Director


“We have been able to share our passion for creative business and our approach to innovation and originality. With the MAFED, we found a fertile field to identify young talent and motivated professionals that can benefit from a significant experience at L’Oréal.”

Sandrine Blanc Beguin, Human Resources Director - L’Oréal Italia - Luxury Products


Introduce Your Company to the MAFED Class by Participating as a Guest Speaker.


Participating in the MAFED class activities represents a unique opportunity to share ideas within a stimulating “think tank” where you can raise your company brand awareness and become familiar with MAFED students for recruiting opportunities.