Stefano Monferra'

Banking and Insurance


Latest publications

GABBI G., Giammarino M., Matthias M., MONFERRA' S., Sampagnaro G. Does face-to-face contact matter? Evidence on loan pricing European Journal Of Finance, 2020, vol.26, no. 7-8, pp.820-836
Monferrà S. Corporate & Investment Banking in M. Comana, G. Carli, Corporate & Investment Banking McGraw-Hill Education, 2015
Malafronte I., Monferrà S., Porzio C., Sampagnaro G. Competition, specialization and bank-firm interaction: what happens in credit crunch periods? Applied Financial Economics, 2014, vol.24, no. 8, pp.557-571
Meles A., Monferrà S., Verdoliva V. Do the effects of private equity investments on firm performance persist over time? Applied Financial Economics, 2014, vol.24, no. 3, pp.203-218
Fiordelisi F., Monferrà S., Sampagnaro G. Relationship lending and credit quality Journal Of Financial Services Research, 2014, vol.46, no. 3, pp.295-315
Porzio C., Monferrà S., Sampagnaro G., Malafronte I. Relazione banca-impresa, offerta e specializzazione settoriale del credito Bancaria, 2014, vol.70, no. 1, pp.90-101

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