Roberto Cotta

Curriculum Vitae

Roberto Cotta is Senior Lecturer of Government, Health and Not for Profit at SDA Bocconi School of Management.

His collaboration with SDA Bocconi began in 1985. He conducted training and research projects with primary healthcare companies (public, private and non-profit), institutions, foundations, associations and public and private organizations.

His training and research activity focuses on four key topic: strategic planning of the territory and healthcare companies (public, private and non-profit); organizational analysis and planning; strategic staff management, with particular attention to professional development systems, valuation and incentivization; designing, managing and evaluating training processes in the logic of training-intervention; relational skills, in particular: communication, public speaking, team building, leadership, negotiation; and designing, managing and evaluating training processes.

He is the author of books and articles on the subject. His works have been published on Mecosan.

Roberto earned a Degree in Political Science from the University of Milan and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the School of Management of Bocconi University, "ninth edition", 1983-1984.