07 May 2018

DBA, when business administration meets science

From corporate to academia, from operations to research. And back. It’s not overly simplistic to say that the spirit of a DBA, Doctorate in Business Administration lies within this path. It’s a circular movement that brings managerial culture to a scientific level, so as to contribute to the general progress of corporate governance practices, and they in turn become the subject of study and of theoretical considerations.

23 April 2018

SDA Bocconi’s Innohack: the victory of applied innovation

Innovative ideas that become reality: it’s not just a catchphrase. SDA Bocconi’s Innohack is the new methodology developed by SDA Bocconi that is being applied to a new initiative, the result of a partnership between the School and the multinational pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, aiming to find new solutions for chronic illness management. The event concluded with the assessment of seven innovative projects that had to test their mettle in the concrete reality of the patients and the healthcare and assistance services intended for them.

23 April 2018

SDA Bocconi Launches the Asia Center in Mumbai

The Center will focus on postgraduate programs and executive education with deep customization of the learning experience, thanks to both international and local faculty.

SDA Bocconi School of Management launches the SDA Bocconi Asia Center in Mumbai.

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